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Matt Allen was the VP of the Chicago-based Edutech when he found the H-Dial. It fell from orbit after Jerry Feldon's suicide attempt and right in front of Matt. When Matt got the H-Dial, he ignored all other aspects of his life. He ignored work, family, and friends in order to spend more time as a super hero. His wife started to notice this and suspected that he was having an affair.

Everything came to a head on the same day. In the morning, Matt's wife told him that he and his daughter arw leaving. It didn't register at the time because he was so worried about an upcoming presentation. At the presentation, he was unprepared and asked for more time. He planned to turn into a hero in front of them, but didn't have the H-Dial. Matt was going to look around the office to find his H-Dial, but he was fired and escorted out of the building. Then he realized that he must of left it at home when he changed, so he headed home. When he was pulled over for speeding, he made a comment about how he was fighting crime for the police and was taken to the station. When he got home, Matt realized he had nothing anymore, not even the H-Dial.

Heroes Matt turned into

  • Captain Chaos
  • The Protector

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