Matris Ater Clementia

    Character » Matris Ater Clementia appears in 7 issues.

    Green Lantern of Space Sector 2261

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    Green Lantern
    Status: Active
    Space Sector: 2261

    Sector Partner: Mogo
    Homeworld: Black Mercy
    Predecessor: Bzzd
    Successor: Inapplicable


    Known as "Mother Mercy", she is a sentient plant and the dominant life form on the Black Mercy planet. She possesses a strong empathic power that allows her to ease the suffering of others.  She has been caretaker of her planet for centuries.  Upon her first contact with a dying member of another race, Mother Mercy realized her destiny was to ease the pain and suffering of others, and created a race of empathic children she hoped would one day spread throughout the universe for this purpose.  And, so she waited...until, finally, someone came to her planet.

    Unfortunately, that someone was Mongul. At this time, Matris decided against revealing her sentient nature, as to go along her mission required that no one knew of her existence. Because of this, she would allow Mongul to come and take some of her children, so as not to disrupt all she was trying to achieve. Until he stopped coming all together, then his son, also named Mongul, came with the Qwardian power ring and used its powers to transform her children from dreamweavers to fearmongers.

    When a contingent of Green Lantern Corps members came to the Black Mercy planet in search of Arisia and Sodam Yat, they were caught in a fight with Mercy and, once she explained her origins and intentions, Mongul attacked them from behind. He then threatened Mercy with destruction if she didn't devour the Green Lanterns' bodies. Ignoring his threat, she freed them and Mongul was defeated in the ensuing battle.

    It was upon the death of a Sinestro Corps member and Green Lantern Bzzd, the Qwardian power ring and the Green Lantern power ring both tried to recruit Mother Mercy, being that she had both the ability to overcome great fear and to instill great fear. She, in turn, chose to follow the path of a Green Lantern and cut off the vine holding the Qwardian power ring. The Lanterns welcomed her to the Corps and she apologizes for their loss.  Mother Mercy also stated they should not concern themselves with Mongul anymore, as the pieces of his body were being digested to feed her children. However, Mongul managed to escape, despite loosing his left arm.


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