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Matilda was born into a wealthy socialite family and was cultured and schooled to be the perfect lady.  Her Parents enrolled her at the Massachusetts Academy it is here that she quickly established herself as the Schools Alpha pupil.  It wasn't until Emma Frost's mutant abilities developed that she began to feel threatened.


 Matilda Brant first appeared in   Emma Frost #1, created by Greg Horn and Karl Bollers in 2003

Caracter Evolution

 Matilda is shown to be one of Emma Frost's early adversaries and has only appeared in Emma Frost's solo series. 

Major Story Arcs

Matilda Brant was introduced in the Higher Learning arc of Emma Frost's Solo series.  She was portrayed as a beautiful and sophisticated girl who always looked down on those around her because in her eye's she was superior to all around her. In her brief time studying at the Massachusetts Academy she began a rivalry with Emma Frost, their rivalry reached a boiling point at the prom where Emma revealed to Matilda that she knew about her Fathers bankruptcy and that she would be leaving the Academy and Matilda attacked Emma.  A few days later Matilda leaves the Academy defeated by her rival only to see that it would be that very rival that would take her place, it is unknown what has happened to her after she left the school.


 Matilda is shown to be one of the top students at the Massachusetts Academy, she is a straight A student who excels in athletics in particular Fencing

Personal information

Citizenship: United States  
Place of Birth: unknown
Occupation: Former heiress
Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 150 lbs  
Eyes: Blue          
Hair: Blond      

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