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    A genius level mathematician and former member of Psionex and the Thunderbolts.

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    Mathemanic developing his math telepathy at Genetech.
    Mathemanic developing his math telepathy at Genetech.


    Mathemanic was a genius mathematician, who received the ability to transmit mathematical numbers telepathically. He has been called a math telepath. He joined the group called Psionex who made enemies with the New Warriors from their inception.  During their first encounter with Night Thrasher and his band, Mathemanic made Firestar perceive interstellar distances.  As a result, he was unable to understand smaller distances making her unable to fight.  Each of the New Warriors took turns succumbing to the members of Genetech's superhuman project, except for Speedball.  Robbie arrived on the scene an hour later, and caused a jailbreak.  This time, the New Warriors had the upper hand.  Ultimately, Night Thrasher's team had nothing to pin on Psionex and Genetech.  Nonetheless, the scientific research facility promised to be more responsible and prudent in the future.  Unfortunately, as most of the members of Psionex grew in their superhuman potential, their psychiatric profiles diminished.  Of note, Mathemanic was the least anti-social and criminally minded of the group, though he is somewhat absent-minded and distant in non-academic matters.   

     Meanwhile, Mathemanic was shown using his psionic control over numerical quantities perceived within the very fundamentals of the universe.  Believing that they weren't being treated with dignity, the members of Psionex become violent with the Genetech officials.  A call was sent out to the New Warriors for assistance, and a fight ensued.  Mathemanic was able to deflect Nova's punches with a forcefield, and create enhanced perceptions of gravitational weight to neutralise him momentarily.  He also demonstrated skill with temporal manipulation in a small area by rewinding the natural progression of time. The arrival of the cosmic tyrant known as Terrax broke up the fight.  Several members of Psionex used this window to cut loose.  Only Impulse, and Mathemanic remained behind with the New Warriors to provide support.  When all options seemed to have been exhausted,  Mathemanic targeted Terrax's automonic nervous system.  He was in the process of causing a mental perception of a neural delay in order to slow him down to a snail's pace, but Terrax recovered before the trick could take hold.  Unfortunately, the ground shifted straight up into a pillar where he was standing, sending debris everywhere.  He was hospitalized, but made a full recovery eventually and was let out.  


    Mathemanic was created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley in 1990 and first appeared in New Warriors # 4.   

    Story Arcs

    The team was brought together again to fight crime. They saw a group of kids and thinking they were a gang Darkling took him to the darkness realm. The boy died by a heart problem and the group disbanded again. Thomas visits the boy's grave. He tells everyone it is August 27, which is the day before the boy died. The New warriors find out it has been August 27 for 5 days. Thomas then stops when the spirit of the boy comes and asks him to let him move on. Thomas along with the rest of Psionex is seen on the Thunderbolts team and part of the 50 states program.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mathemanic attacks opponents with a telepathic burst of mathematical information that usually overloads the opponents brain and causes them extreme pain. This can also confuse an opponent.

    Apart from these superpowers, Mathemanic is also a genius-level mathematician. Mathemanic's powers are based on telepathic and psionic projection. Mathemanic has also developed a new power which is to realize any mathematical concepts or formulas that he can think of. This power broadens his abilities because by mastering mathematical concepts and theories, Mathemanic can have control over the fundamental forces of the universe like gravity and chemical reactions. 


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