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    A representative of The Risen. She was appointed to aid Hal Jordan in raising his niece Helen

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    Materna explaining her purpose
    Materna explaining her purpose

    Though much of her past is unknown, Materna Minxx was a representative of the Risen. At the command of her Lord and Lady, she gracefully accepted to become the nanny of Helen Jordan. She acts as a supervisor and tutor who molds and shapes her soul, and often also acts as her guardian.

    Whenever Hal Jordan is on a mission, he summons Materna to protect and tutor Helen. Her main purpose is that of a teacher. Miss Minxx will often teach the young niece of Jordan in every aspect of reality -- both conventional and unconventional. Whereas one day she and Helen might explore a solar system, or travel through a galaxy, the next day they'll be practicing math and grammar.

    When Sinestro was ressurected, Materna was there teaching Bi-Location. However, since she was caught off-guard, the ressurected Sinestro incapacitated her and nearly kidnapped Helen had it not been for the intervention of La Femme Spectre -- an aspect of Hal Jordan's mind.

    Later on, she had a scuffle with Stigmonus, though she failed at stopping him from trapping Hal Jordan. However, she did manage to keep Helen safe.

    During Helen's birthday, Materna Minxx had at first lied to her that they were going to England, but in truth she was merely setting up a surprise. This is the first time we see Minxx actually happy or cheerful, as she enjoys seeing the happiness on young Helen's face during such an occasion.


    Materna is a fierce, proud and intelligent woman. She prizes her knowledge, intellect and class above all alse. She's a very demanding teacher, always expecting perfection from her students. Minxx also demands that all her students refer to her as: "Miss Minxx", not wanting them to think of her as a playmate or peer, but rather a true instructor. Her pride also often leaves her making condescending or sarcastic remarks at others, and she fears nobody, not even the Spectre.

    She keeps her composure, even in a crisis.
    She keeps her composure, even in a crisis.

    After getting blasted by Sinestro, an aspect of Hal Jordan offered to help her, but she refused and kept her composure, still demanding that Helen calls her Miss Minxx.

    Materna's verbal fencing with Wonder Woman
    Materna's verbal fencing with Wonder Woman

    She does not take kindly to jokes, especially not at her own expense, as can be seen when Green Arrow makes a joke on her account and gets battered and bruised by Materna.

    She also loathes when one is unwilling to learn. Ignorance, to her, is filth for the soul. When Wonder Woman revealed that she believed the Risen were only myths, Minxx called her ignorant and said that, while she could enlighten Diana, she chooses not to. She also calls Wonder Woman and her people wiggly little maggots compared to her kind, and when Wonder Woman calls her out on her lack of "graciousness", Materna replies coldly by calling Wonder Woman an "underdressed strumpet".

    Materna does have a soft side to her, however. She enjoys seeing Helen happy and is hard on her only because she thinks it's what's best. Despite her often condescending and stubborn personality, Minxx has shown to care for both Jordan and his niece.

    Powers and abilities

    Materna appearing before the Spectre, whilst also accompanying Helen
    Materna appearing before the Spectre, whilst also accompanying Helen

    Bi-Location: Materna has the rare of ability of Bi-Location. She can be in multiple places at once, however she has a limited time period for how long her essence may remain separated. She was later seen teaching this technique to Helen.

    Soul Manipulation: When Helen first tried to separate her essence in order to perform Bi-Location, she nearly died. It was Materna who saved her and re-combined her soul/essence.

    Superhuman physical stats: Materna has demonstrated the ability to tank a full-powered blast from Sinestro's ring, and get back up a few moments later, despite being caught off-guard. She also traded blows with Monsieur Stigmonus and pummeled Green Arrow.

    Empathy/Telepathy: Miss Minxx was shown as capable of reading other people's thoughts, feeling their emotions and sensing their intentions.

    Time Travel/Time-Skip: It is a forbidden ability amongst the Risen, but Materna has the ability to influence time and jump to any point in time, or it's so implied by Stigmonus.


    Helen Jordan: Materna truly loves and cares for Helen, and the feeling is mutual to both sides. Helen adores her for being a fun and powerful teacher, and Materna often calls Helen her greatest student. She is only ever seen happy when Helen herself is happy or safe.

    Hal Jordan: Though their relationship is strained, it can be inferred that Materna does somewhat care for Hal. She gives him guidance, however strict and cold it is, as she would to one of her students in the hopes that he makes the right decision.

    Monsieur Stigmonus: The presence of Stigmonus annoys and irritates Materna. The moment she sees him, she gets angry and scolds him. The two have had several arguments and fights.


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