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    Created by the Agenda organization, Match is an exact clone of Superboy. After his condition deteriorated he became a bizarro-like version of Superboy.

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    Sup Dawg! We heard you like clones...
    Sup Dawg! We heard you like clones...

    Match is the creation of the Agenda, a secretive, worldwide cabal of scientists whose true agenda is a mystery. Led by the immortal Contessa, Lex Luthor's estranged wife, the Agenda first made their presence known when they captured Superboy and cloned Match from samples of Superboy's DNA.

    Cunning, methodical and highly intelligent, Match possessed the raw knowledge and tactical training that Superboy lacked - a result of Match's more complete gestation process. Seeing Match as his genetic "brother", Superboy pleaded with the teen powerhouse - but Match's near-absolute loyalty to the Agenda blinded him to reason. Possessing more raw power and skill than Superboy, Match nearly defeated his genetic twin during their first encounter before Match was apparently buried in the Agenda's original underground facility.

    Later, as part of the Agenda's massive campaign against the youth heroes, Match infiltrated Young Justice disguised as Superboy. He nearly succeeded in his efforts to drive a wedge between the team members before his ruse was exposed by the return of the real Kid of Steel. Once exposed, Match fled.

    Teen Titans East

    When his body and mind began to deteriorate, Match became a backwards-speaking Bizarro Teen of Steel. Seeing an opportunity to exploit the impact of

    ...So we cloned a clone so you can clone while you clone!
    ...So we cloned a clone so you can clone while you clone!

    Superboy's death, Deathstroke recruited Match as a member of his nefarious Titans East team.

    Titans East set up their own Titans Tower on the East River, the very same location of the old tower. Deathstroke had his own agenda, which was to reclaim his children, Ravager and Jericho. Titans East was nearly successful in that mission, until Nightwing, Flash, Troia and Beast Boy helped turn the tide and reclaim their island headquarters. Wonder Girl was heartbroken while battling a clone of her deceased boyfriend, leaving Jericho to possess Match's body. The members of Titans East dispersed, unaware of Deathstroke's true objective; By cementing his offspring as trusted members of the team, Slade knew the Titans would provide his children with a better family than he ever could.

    Wonder Girl

    Although his mind and body have shown obvious signs of change, one part of Match that is still identical to his genetic twin is his emotional attachment to Wonder Girl. Match has attempted to reach out to her on several occasions, trying to mimic the relationship she and Connor shared. However, his advances are always turned down, as Wonder Girl is simply unable to feel what she felt for Conner with his monster of a clone.


    In issue #7 of TITANS, Jericho (still inhabiting Match's body) came to the veteran Titans in a panic. He told them that he could not escape Match's body, and that he was loosing control. But before issues end it was discovered that Match was still very much a prisoner in his own body, and Jericho had once again gone rouge. Jericho escaped from Match's body and into one of the other Titans. One has to wonder if Match will return to his old ways, or attempt to play a more heroic role in the DCU.

    Superboy-Prime's Legion of Evil

    Superboy-Prime kills Match and enlists the help of Dr. Caligan to create three clones of Superboy from his corpse. The clones were designed to recreate Connor Kent's earlier appearances from different costumes against the Teen Titans.

    Infinite Frontier

    Suicide Squad

    Match (NOT Connor Kent) as Superboy
    Match (NOT Connor Kent) as Superboy

    Match reappears after his suppose death from the DC Universe before Flashpoint. Match is now a member of the Suicide Squad. This time however his appearance was strikingly similar to Connor Kent's costume from the 2003 era Teen Titans before being deformed into a Bizarro-like state and mannerism.


    Like Superboy, Match's primary power is a limited form of telekinesis that mimics super-strength and flight. He is also able to disassemble objects with a touch. Later, Superboy manifested a certain amount of non-psychically derived super-strength. Superboy later developed heat vision, X-Ray vision and super-hearing, similar to his mentor's abilities.

    Match possesses all the powers of Superboy, with even greater skill at mastering them.

    In Other Media

    Match in Young Justice
    Match in Young Justice

    Match appears in the Young Justice episode Agendas, where he is the first attempt by Project Cadmus in cloning Superman. However due to being cloned from pure Kryptonian DNA, he was half crazed and flew into a rage at the sight of the Superman symbol and placed in cryogenic storage for the world's safety. However Superboy acting on a tip from Lex Luthor freed him, and upon Match seeing the symbol on his chest savagely beat him and Wolf and disappeared to Genome City, following using his heat vision to carve a backward S onto his chest. He was ultimately defeated by Superboy utilizing the shields given to him by Luthor to unlock his full Kryptonian abilities,and was placed by into cryogenic storage for safety concerns.


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