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Matatoa was created by Devin Grayson and Roger Robinson. He made his debut in Batman: Gotham Knights #16. Matatoa's character references the Maori culture of New Zealand, his name translating to "Fearless" in Maori. He is covered in tattoos that are similar in style to traditional Maori tattoo's and typically speaks with a kiwi accent.


Matatoa's history before coming to Gotham City is almost completely unknown, with all being known is he came from Europe after a voice in his head told him to seek out an "undefeated warrior" so he could absorb their life force. Matatoa then came to hunt Batman, first encountering him in The Pour House Bar, where he kills two Gotham thugs in order to draw Batman out. He then begins battling Batman, before attempting to flee on motorcycle when the GCPD arrives, with Batman in pursuit.

Once Batman catches up to him, Matatoa explaining his nature to Batman. Even promising if Batman lets him kill him that he will protect Gotham for all eternity, before Nightwing arrives at the scene. Nightwing then begins to battle him, before eventually getting the better of the villian and sending him to Arkham.

Soon after however Matatoa escapes Arkham, being pursued by the two heroes once again. Nightwing and Matatoa soon begin battling, before Batman gets involved, where he's presented once again with the option of Gotham having an eternal protector.During the course of the battle Matatoa takes a several stories fall when he refuses help being pulled up, but with his defeat he fulfilled the prophecy as he himself was an undefeated warrior, before being seen hitchhiking out of Gotham.

Powers and Abilities

Matatoa is an immortal, as long as he absorbs a victim's life force. During the course of his extended life he has gained a high level of skill in martial arts, as well as being extremely proficient with his dual swords or dual guns.

In Other Media

Matatoa appears in Beware the Batman, with his vocal effects done by Michael-Leon Wooley. In "Animal", he is a prisoner of Blackgate Penitentiary who challenges Batman to a fight in the middle of a riot orchestrated by Killer Croc. A particularly ruthless Batman fights and defeats Matatoa. The villain is dragged off the arena as Croc challenges Batman next. According to Tobias Whale, Matatoa believes himself to be immortal and in order to stay that way, he cuts the hearts from his defeated opponents and eats them.


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