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    David Alan Landers is a member of team called Displaced Paranormals 7 (DP7).

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    New Universe

    After the White Event David Landers found himself dramatically and painfully gaining muscle mass. He have got one strange metabolism. He had put on almost two hundred pounds of muscle in a week. He noted that his hands were hairier. Soon as he started eating the first batch of muscles started popping up. It was painful.

    After being rushed to the Winnebago County General Hospital, Landers met Randy O'Brien, a medical intern who had also gained powers from the White Event. The two eventually made their way to the Clinic for Paranormal Studies to begin treatment. When O'Brien was targeted by the clinic staff for his resistance to their brainwashing methods Landers and the rest of their treatment group fled the clinic with him. The clinic referred to their group as D.P. 7.

    The clinic eventually sent mercenaries to capture the group. Landers was the last of the group to be captured and spent several weeks in hiding. During that time he stayed with a hermit who trained him in wilderness survival and hand-to-hand combat. Landers also encountered a group of hidden paranormals, an encounter which granted him an invulnerability to mental attacks. Although tempted to stay in hiding landers chose to returned to the clinic in an effort to free the rest of his group.

    Landers was recaptured, but after being forcibly returned to the clinic he freed himself and O'Brien, and the two defeated the clinic staff responsible for the darker aspects of the clinic's agenda.

    Landers, and the rest of the group, then stayed on at the clinic, in an effort to help it live up to it's promise as a safe haven for paranormals. Landers became Director of security. During this time he faced many challenges as conflicts broke out between patients, culminating in a riot.

    The period at the clinic ended when Landers and other members of the DP7 left in an effort to find Jeff Walters, a group member who had fled in hysterics to Pittsburg in order to look for his family after the city was destroyed by the Starbrand.

    In their effort to rescue Walters the group encountered and fought the military, scavengers and Jenny Swensen in the Spitfire armor. Landers ultimately prevented Walters from falling into the newly forming volcano at the heart of the what was left of Pittsburg, becoming seriously injured in the process. Afterwards he and the male members of the group were captured by the military and drafted into the new paranormal army unit.

    Landers eventually went AWOL from the military in an attempt to protect Stephanie Harrington, a member of the group for which he had unrequited feelings. Landers was quickly captured and placed in long term solitary confinement, an experience that eventually drove him to attempt suicice. O'Brien, having been transferred into the military's medical unit, saved Landers life.

    Landers was then sent on a suicide mission into the Pitt, the remains of Pittsburg, forcing him to revisit and overcome trauma from his prvious experience. O'Brien went AWOL in an effort to assist Landers. The two survived their return to the Pitt and decided to go into hiding in New York City.

    In New York Landers and O'Brien were reunited with other former members of their group, in addition to a number of other paranormals who had settled in the city.

    The original New Universe series ended with Landers and the rest of the group settling into a relatively stable lifestyle in New York City, with Landers engaging in odd jobs and in a newly started romantic relationship with Harrington.

    Post New Universe


    David has superhuman strength allowing him to bench-press a little over 15 tons. He possesses superhuman resistance to injury, his skin can easily withstand .45 caliber bullets fired at a distance of 15 feet without penetration. David also has superhuman endurance, enabling him to exert at peak levels for two hours before fatigue begins to impair performance.

    Abilities: Landers is an excellent driver of almost any kind of motor vehicle, especially under inclement conditions. He's also a proficient marksman.

    Peculiarities: Repaired hard head growth, with facial hair growth of approximately one half inch every 24 hours. The crown of his head remains bald. The bones in his forehead have shifted slowly to make his brow protrude about an inch from where it was prior to the onset of his para-normality.

    Height: 6'11"

    Weight: 525lbs.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Brown


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