Anyone remember the ORIGINAL He-Man story??

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The original story in the little mini comics that came with the figures was WAY cooler than the cartoon. There was no secret identity a-la Superman/Clark Kent. He-man was a wandering barbarian granted one half of the power sword by the Sorceress which she split to protect the power of Greyskull from Skelator, whom had stolen the other sword half. When both halves were combined they would unlock the castle's ancient powers and grant the bearer unlimited power, enough to become the master of the universe, hence the title. Then came the cartoon and although it was loved by children all over I always thought the original story was the best.

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The real MOTU was a connan 'ish' type story that was thought to be to dark for children at the time. The original MOTU bible' is online somewhere and I'd recommend reading it if you ever get the chance. It explains that Skeletor was actually a demon and most of the villains mutations were based on some crime that they had commited in their lives. Beast man was crule to animals and so on.

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