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On the world of Etheria, Hordak and The Evil Horde are relaxing on a game and making plans to defeat Skeletor, when suddenly, a newcomer appears. He has a funny body, with two heads. His name is Modulok. He tells Hordak that he has a grand plan to defeat Skeletor. Hordak listens intently and applauds. 
The next day, in Eternia, the Masters of the Universe are getting packages, each of which contain a hand, leg or head. They cannot understand anything and take it to Castle Greyskull.  
Once inside Greyskull, the body parts join to become Modulok. The Sorceress warns Teela and Adam of the creature. Teela goes to stop it while Adam changes to He-Man. Sorceress gives He-Man a gift and tells him that he must use it when the time comes. 
Modulok steals a forcefield generator and hands it to Hordak. Skeletor, who has seen all of this, is angry. He appears on the scene with Landshark and tries to stop Hordak. But Hordak generates a forcefield and deflects his power blasts. Modulok makes a foolish attempt to subdue Skeletor but is defeated.  
He-Man suddenly remembers his gift and punches Hordak's forcefield. The forcefield generator cannot withstand the blow and burns out. Hordak senses danger and teleports away. Modulok too runs away. 
Skeletor finds Castle Greyskull's gate open and tries to get inside. But his attempts are thwarted by He-Man, who punches the ground and sends out a shockwave to shut the door. Skeletor threatens to return.

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