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He-man leaves his tribe to rid Eternia of evil forces. He soon finds a woman in distress. The woman turns out to be the Sorceress and, she helps him defeat a wild beast. As a thank you she gives He-man a gift of weapons and costumes. He-man then goes to work building his house.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Skeletor and Beast Man stalk the goddess Teela. The pair ambush her and take her to Castle Greyskull to be Skeletor's bride. Skeleton then tells the guardian of the castle how he left his own world to concur this one. Skeleton and Beast Man then follow a map to a secert room in the hopes to find the Sword of Power.

At that moment Man-at-Arms finds He-man still working on his house. Man-at-Arms asks for He-man help to save Teela. He-man doesnt wait and teleports off the Castle Greyskull, where he ambushed by Beast Man. If not for the help of Man-at-Arms, He-man would be slan.

Skeletor then uses theSword of Power to attack He-man but the Socress shows up and breaks the Sword of Power. This causes Skeletor to flee with Beast Man close behind.

He-man, Teela and Man-at-Arms rejoice as the Guardian of Castle Greyskull watches over them.

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