Trodorne's Masters of the Universe, Icons of Evil: Trapjaw #1 review

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OTR #45: Sink your teeth into this.

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Plot: Robert Kirkman, Ian Richter, Val Staples
 Story: Robert Kirkman
 Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
 Colorist: Ron Riley
 Letters: Robert Kirkman

       So I take a step back in time, but not to far back as my budget restricts it. but originally I was going to do a walking dead review then i switched up to doing something obscure from kirkman and then I found this issue of masters of the universe which was entitled Icons of Evil. My god the kirkman did He-man? well i was wrong he did the villains. In this single issue we learn the origins of Trapjaw and his iron or what ever metal jaw he has.... BUT WAIT THERES MORE! also his arm. SPOILER! he was not born with it. go figure. a robotic jaw and arm is something you acquire not something your born with.
 Story: 4 out of 5.
 Art: 4 out of 5
 Overall: 4 out of 5. Definitely worth a read maybe once or twice. Pick it up if you can. Great for He-man fans and collectors. 

Troy Martin's is a student of jack assery at the "Sod off" college, With a 95% english paper in high school being his equivalency in journalism. You can follow him on Facebook or Comicvine, Currently works for Comics America.

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