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    A group of super-villains with elemental powers. They are longtime enemies of the Outsiders

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    The Masters of Disaster are a group of mercenaries who prefer to work for a pre- arranged price rather than under their own initiative, united due to the relations of their meta-human abilities by New-Wave their leader. Each member of the group controls one superhuman ability related in some way to a natural destructive force, Earth, wind, fire, and water.

    Disaster strikes!
    Disaster strikes!

    The sociopath leader going by the name New-Wave is the older possessive sibling of Windfall, always threatening Windfall the two are not close. Windfall witnessed her mother's death at the hands of New Wave when the two had acquired their abilities and was forever traumatized. This could have been a major factor in her later leaving the group to join the Outsiders, a group of heroes who were their major arch enemies.

    The team later reformed to steal something from this time New-Wave contracted other villains who displayed elemental powers like her former team . It consisted of New Wave, Coldsnap, Heatstroke, Dust Devil, and Mudslide. They encountered the Outsiders, and fought in a heated battle. However, the Outsiders began fighting each other due to a disagreement over tactics, and the Masters of Disaster escaped.

    Lovers at one time but unable be together, Coldsnap and Heatstroke had their own motivation for joining the Masters of Disaster. In hopes to amass enough money to find a cure for their conditions, which make it impossible for them to even touch one another. One able to control cold temperatures around him and the other to control heat around herself the two were unable to reduce their own body temperature to normal.

    The last original member was Shakedown who was able to create seismic shock waves enabling him to cause destructive waves of force. These blasts would be delivered from his hands, Shockwave's own speech pattern had a stuttering which fit his power class. He also had to a crush on Windfall and would come to her aid even when her abusive sister threatened him to back off. The team eventually disbanded and Windfall tried to reform, only to be killed on a mission with the Suicide Squad. New Wave would later kill her fellow teammate Shakedown in a violent act of feeling disobeyed.

    In Other Media

    Black Lightning

    The Masters of Disasters appear in the second season of Black Lightning.


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