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    Ace Comics Villain enemt of Flash Lightning.

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    Ace Comics

    Lightning Comics

    Mastermind is an enemy of Lash Lightning during the Golden Age of Comic Books.

    Thrilling Nostalgia Comics

    The Liberty Brigade

    Mastermind is given a new lease on life in the a pages of The Liberty Brigade. In his new retcon origin story, his secret identity is Russ Sarault, a genius who felt unappreciated in America. By attaching tiny diodes of his own invention to his face he gave himself the powers of lightning bolt projection, enhanced strength, and short-distance teleportation. The process also turned his skin chalk white. Calling himself Mastermind, he works directly with Hitler's Death Lords as they afford him the rank and power he craves. He along with The Clown led the assault and capture against Freedom's Flame, aided by The Aryan Skulls, The Death Snakes, and The Invincibles. Then, they proceeded to Washington D.C. to assassinate President Franklin D. Roosevelt in The White House, where they nearly succeeded until The Rat betrayed them and reported this incursion to The Liberty Brigade. Mastermind, along with The Clown, The Rattler and The Red Death were defeated and captured by The Battling Hobo as they attempted to flee the battle.


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