Master Roshi

    Character » Master Roshi appears in 632 issues.

    The famous Master Roshi was sought out by a young Goku, and after some... Persuading... He agreed to teach the boy.

    The Master Roshi Respect Thread

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    In progress...

    Master Roshi

    Strength ---- LIFTING

    1 - 10 ton

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 16 - 10:05 - Master Roshi casually tosses his 100 pound shell 100 meters away hard enough to crush a rock.

    Dragon Ball Ep 18 - 16:00 - Roshi in his suppressed state moves a large boulder.

    No Caption Provided

    10 - 100 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 10:00 - Roshi easily catches a haymaker from Krillin.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 17:35 - Roshi catches Man Wolf's charging knife between his fingers and stops him dead in his tracks, then hurls him across the stadium with a flick.

    Man Wolf was strong enough to punch a giant tree in half during his training.

    100 - 1,000 ton

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 92 - 9:38 - During a sparring match, Roshi is able to catch numerous punches from Goku, and though he admits to it hurting, he's still in his suppressed state and is not at all overwhelmed.

    Dragon Ball Episode 92

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 14:55 - Roshi easily catches Tien's punch in his elbow, stopping the triclops's charge dead.

    No Caption Provided

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 6:48 - Tien and Roshi stalemate in a grapple. Neither can push the other even an inch. (Skip to 7:38)

    1,000 ton+

    Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 18:00 - Roshi catches and deflects Tien's Kamehameha with great difficulty.

    Strength ---- STRIKING

    Superhuman -

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 3 - 20:45 Roshi punctures a large hole through the hull of an airplane by jabbing it with his walking stick. (Skip to 0:50)

    Building level -

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 9:54 - Roshi sends a giant flying across the room with a single attack. (Skip to 0:50)

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 12:10 - Roshi sends Yamcha crashing into the stadium wall just by waving his hand.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 10:15 - Roshi bloodies Krillin with a tap.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - 6:17 - Roshi kicks Goku out of the tournament and halfway into the city farther than anyone in the crowd can see.

    City level -


    Speed ---- TRAVEL


    Dragon Ball Ep 16 - 10:16 - Heavily out of shape and in his suppressed state, Master Roshi runs 100 meters in 5.6 seconds, then seems slightly disappointed with the time.

    Supersonic - hypersonic -



    Supersonic - hypersonic -

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 10:16 and 11:35 - Roshi dances around Yamcha in H2H combat and dodges his Wolf Fang Fist with minimal effort. (Skip to 1:10)

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 7:45 - Yamcha attempts to grab Roshi from behind, and without looking or even changing stances, Roshi easily sidesteps him and leaves an after image in the process.

    Dragon Ball Episode 24

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 10:15 - Roshi moves too fast for Krillin to see.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 11:10 - When Krillin adapts to Roshi's speed, the two exchange blows so quickly that the only thing the audience sees is a flash of light.

    Dragon Ball Ep 49 - 14:50 - Roshi easily catches an entire clip of machine gun fire between his fingers.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 13:40 - While literally half-asleep from boredom, Master Roshi is able to seemingly teleport behind Man Wolf's back without the slightest bit of effort.

    Dragon Ball Episode 89

    Massively hypersonic -

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 12:25 - Krillin and Roshi have an entire fight sequence in an instant (explained at 13:45, they attack, counter, dodge, spit at each other, strategize for a bit, play a game, talk, land more attacks, and then finally land on the ground all in a literal instant)

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 16:22 - Roshi matches Tien's H2H speed, despite being in midair where Tien would have an obvious advantage due to his ability to fly.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 19:40 - Tien puts his maximum speed into his hands to try and disorient Jackie Chun, but the old master is able to easily follow his movements and catch him by the wrists.

    Durability ---- BLUNT FORCE

    10 - 100 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 17:22 - Roshi tanks Krillin kicking out of the stadium and all the way into the middle of the city with no damage at all.

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - Various instances of Roshi tanking hits from Goku.

    100 - 1,000 ton

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - Various instances of Roshi standing up to standard attacks from Tien.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 20:30 - Roshi survives getting strangled by Tien for a prolonged period of time while simultaneously getting cartwheel-slammed into the ground. (Skip to 4:38)

    Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 11:00 - After stunning him with the Solar Flare technique, Tien smashes Roshi in the back of the head with his knee. Rather than suffer from extensive brain damage, Roshi instead decides to stand up and walk it off as if nothing happened.

    Durability ---- PENETRATION/SLICING

    Superhuman -

    Dragon Ball Ep 15 - 21:30 - Roshi tanks machine gun fire from Launch.

    Building level -

    Dragon Ball Ep 8 - 3:50 - Roshi is hit with Chi-Chi's helmet blade which actually gets stuck in his skull, despite previously decapitating dinosaurs.

    Durability ---- EXPLOSIVE/HEAT

    Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 18:00 - Roshi catches and deflects Tien's Kamehameha.


    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 11:35 - Master Roshi evades Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist with an acrobatic leap, rebounding off the tournament wall and somersaulting in midair to land on his feet, then gets back behind Yamcha with multiple backflips before Yamcha can even react.

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 9:48 - Roshi is able to avoid the majority of Krillin's attacks through only acrobatics, and is surprised when Krillin actually forces him to use a hand.

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - 5:55 - Roshi outmaneuvers Goku and kicks him out of bounds within moments of their match beginning.

    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 9:15 - Goku kicks Roshi out of bounds during their match, but Roshi is able to quickly jab the tips of his toes into the side of the ring and maintain perfect balance so as not actually touch the ground, thus technically not losing the match.

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 15:35 - Master Roshi is oogling at girls in the crowd when Man Wolf suddenly charges him. Without even turning around, Roshi backflips over Man Wolf while simultaneously giving him a boot to the head.

    No Caption Provided


    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 6:28 - Master Roshi is world famous as the greatest fighter on the planet and is known as "The God of Martial Arts."

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 19:50 - Roshi defeats Krillin with a double pressure point chop to the neck.

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - 16:23 - Roshi reveals himself to be a master of Drunken Boxing and uses the technique to make Goku look like an amateur.

    Dragon Ball Ep 27 - 7:00 - Roshi reveals himself to be a master of the Jan-Ken technique and easily blocks Goku's best moves.

    Dragon Ball Ep 61 - 21:07 - It's revealed that Master Roshi trained under Korin for 3 years, meaning he is probably knowledgeable in move reading.

    Dragon Ball Ep 86 -19:22 - During the preliminary matches of the 22nd Budokai Tenkaichi, Krillin comments that Jackie Chun's technique is flawless.

    Dragon Ball Episode 86

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 14:29 - Goku says Jackie Chun is one of the best fighters ever, and Tien adds that he is as close to perfection as is possible, without being Tien at least, and that his strength is matched only by his control.

    Dragon Ball Episode 89

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 19:20 - Master Roshi completely paralyses Man Wolf's entire body with a tap to his forehead.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 3:30 - Tien describes Jackie Chun's style of fighting. He claims that Jackie is the perfect predator, he studies his opponent, finds their weaknesses, and then waits, not attacking until he's found his opening to strike.
    Later at 21:50 during their actual fight, Tien is completely flabbergasted at how such an old man can remain so agile and skillful, and in the original Japanese script, he states that Jackie Chun is even more skilled than Master Shen.

    Dragon Ball Episode 93

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 15:02 - When Tien had him stuck on the defensive, Master Roshi was able to turn the tables by parrying one of Tien's attacks and drawing him into his fist, connecting with a pressure point located within the pectoral muscle, which not only causes Tien severe pain, but momentarily restricts his arm. This allows Roshi to take the advantage, displaying not only his knowledge of pressure points, but more importantly how to use them practically beyond simply attacking his opponent directly. You can see how in their next exchange of blows, Tien only uses his feet and right arm, not the one Roshi attacked. (Skip to 0:22)

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 15:05 - One of my favorite H2H techniques in the series; Tien attempts a front kick against Master Roshi, only for Roshi to grab his leg, and curl it in as if trying to dislocate the knee. Tien is able to save himself with a quick elbow, but Roshi quickly turns the attack into an opportunity by maneuvering to the side while simultaneously sweeping Tien's other leg, using the leverage of his missed strike to spin the triclops around and hurl the him out of the ring. (Skip to 0:25)

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 6:48 - When Jackie Chun is only a step away from falling out of the ring, Tien grabs him by the sides and attempts to force him off. However, Jackie is able to take control of the grapple with proper technique, and maintains his position by taking leverage, even when Tien starts headbutting. (Skip to 7:38)

    Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 11:00 - After stunning Roshi with the Solar Flare, Tien leaps into the air and smashes him in the back of the head with his knee. Tien was positive Roshi would not be able to continue the match, going so far as to say in the manga that Jackie Chun will probably sleep forever. However, within seconds Roshi manages to recover anyway, and it's implied that he used some technique to do it.

    Martial Arts ---- BATTLES

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 10:10 - Roshi utterly humiliates Yamcha during their fight at the World Tournament, telling him that his moves are "big and fun to look at, but are sadly only a waste of energy".

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 9:48 - Roshi vs Krillin. Roshi goes easy on his pupil in order to test him and ends the match the instant he feels like it.

    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 10:40 - Roshi vs Goku. After an exhaustive battle of power and techniques, Goku and Roshi are both sapped of strength and have zero ki energy left. They are forced to fight fist-to-fist in pure martial arts, and stalemate for four straight hours.

    Dragon Ball Ep 49 - 14:30 - Master Roshi solos a whole unit of Red Ribbon Army soldiers in his suppressed state.

    Dragon Ball Ep 86 - 8:40 and 10:20 - Like last year, Roshi (along with his students) breezed their way through the preliminary rounds of the 22nd Budokai Tenkaichi. This time, over 180 of the world's strongest and most skilled fighters participated, who were then whittled down to eight finalists.

    Dragon Ball Episode 86

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 9:05 - Jackie Chun vs Man Wolf. Man Wolf is a superhuman wolf monster and expert martial artist who has spent the last three years obsessively training every single day for the explicit purpose of defeating Jackie Chun. Despite that, Jackie easily defeats him in possibly the single most onesided fight in all of Dragon Ball.

    Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 14:30 - Master Roshi vs Tien Shinhan. There's some seriously intense H2H combat in this one, with plenty of acrobatic stunts and crazy techniques to show off just how truly advanced these two are as martial artists. Roshi and Tien battle on almost completely even ground for the entirety of the fight.

    Dragon Ball Episode 93 (Recommended watching for superior video quality over YouTube)

    Dragon Ball Ep 94 - 4:59 - Roshi and Tien continue their intense match.

    Dragon Ball Episode 94 (Recommended watching for superior video quality over YouTube)

    Energy ---- TECHNIQUES

    Dragon Ball Ep 8 - 13:20 - The original Kamehameha.

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 12:10 - Roshi can empower his physical attacks with ki energy.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 22 - 15:20 - Master Roshi can read minds.

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 19:44 - The After-Image technique.

    No Caption Provided

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - 13:15 - The Double After-Image technique.

    Dragon Ball Ep 27 - 3:40 - Roshi can use hypnosis to put his opponent to sleep and states that they won't wake up until he gives the signal.

    Dragon Ball Ep 27 - 12:30 - Roshi uses the Thunder Shock Surprise, one of his most devastating attacks. Electrical energy infused with ki from the user's body shoots out in the form of lightning, which traps the victim inside an electrical barrier where they are paralyzed and exposed to a constant stream of lightning bolts.

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 19:50 - Master Roshi uses hypnosis to turn Man Wolf back into a human.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 93 - 17:00 - Roshi pushes the After-Image technique to it's limit with eight simultaneous images of himself, allowing him to momentarily speedblitz Tien Shinhan. (Skip to 2:00)


    Building level -

    Dragon Ball Ep 26 - 10:40 - Roshi stalemates Goku in a beam struggle.

    Dragon Ball Ep 99 - 17:10 - Roshi's Kamehameha completely overpowers Master Shen and blasts him miles away.

    City - Mountain level -

    Dragon Ball Ep 8 - 13:20 - Roshi uses the MAX POWER Kamehameha to smother the flames of Mt. Fry-Pan; accidentally destroys the entire mountain.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 61 - 19:55 - Master Roshi channels lightning from the sky into his hand and uses it to split the ocean.

    Dragon Ball Episode 61

    Moon level -

    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 2:02 - Master Roshi destroys the moon with the MAX Power Kamehameha.

    Energy - SPEED

    Dragon Ball Ep 27 - 19:37 - Roshi charges and fires his MAX Power Kamehameha before Yamcha is able to reach him (something that Yamcha should have been capable of doing in like, 1 second).

    Dragon Ball Ep 99 - 17:10 - Roshi is able to charge and fire a Kamehameha in the instant before Master Shen murders Chiaotzu.

    Intelligence/Tactics -

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 17:49 - Roshi, after getting kicked out of the ring by Krillin, saves himself by quickly launching a Kamehameha into the ground to propel himself back.

    Dragon Ball Ep 24 - 20:51 - After seeing that Yamcha was suspicious of his identity, Jackie Chun quickly made preparations in between matches to ensure that he was not found out, cleverly gluing his wig to his head and even having the foresight to mask his scent with cologne in anticipation of Goku sniffing him out.

    Ep 25 - 20:40 - Jackie Chun furthers the ruse by having Nam disguise himself as Master Roshi, finally convincing Yamcha that the two are separate people, when in fact they obviously are not.

    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 5:00 - With Great Ape Goku rampaging and seemingly unstoppable, Master Roshi is the only one able to figure out a way to stop him, deducing that the moon was the source of his transformation and destroying it, when everyone else had thought he destroyed Goku instead.

    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 12:38 - Roshi, finding he cannot defeat Goku in pure strength or martial arts, wins the match by taking advantage of some more unorthodox tactics; their size difference. Goading Goku into a charge, Roshi and his pupil both deliver flying kicks, but with Goku's short stature, his is unable to fully connect, whereas Roshi does.

    (FILLER) Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 4:50 - Master Roshi is aware of his own quirky, often silly personality and habits, and is clever enough to use it to his advantage by spying on Man Wolf with a mirror while pretending to pluck his nose hair.

    Dragon Ball Ep 89

    Dragon Ball Ep 89 - 18:13 - Master Roshi manipulates Man Wolf into ringing himself out by taking advantage of his dog-like personality.

    Dragon Ball Ep 98 - 9:43 - With Tien in the air, Goku charges a Kamehameha halfway before changing his mind. Everyone is confused why Goku would give up his opportunity to end the battle right there, but Master Roshi was able to understand what would have happened had Goku launched, and that Goku was actually thinking ahead.


    Dragon Ball Ep 28 - 11:12 - Roshi and Goku, after having already reached the point of exhaustion, continue their match in pure hand-to-hand combat for over four straight hours.

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