Master Of Vengeance

    Character » Master Of Vengeance appears in 7 issues.

    Former chemist, manufactured designer drugs, sent to prison after being captured by Spider-Man. Later mutated and impersonated Spider-Man to frame him for deaths of his former superiors.

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    Dwight Faron was a bio-chemist that was hired by a mobster named Barnett to create designer drugs and adrenal enhancers. Spider Man took down the illegal, distribution drug ring but Barnett covered his tracks. Barnett walked but Faron went to prison and he blamed Spider Man for everything. Faron's wife filed for divorce while he was in prison and his family deserted him. Faron was obsessed with Spider Man and cursed the wall-crawler for costing him all he held dear. Faron is eventually released and he created a super solution that increased his strength exponentially and built a suit that fired force blasts by pulling electric ions from the air. Faron dubbed himself the Master of Vengeance and set in motion his plans to bring down Spider Man.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Master of Vengeance had superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury due to his super serum. He also created a suit that pulled electrical ions from the air to create his force blasts. Faron is a brutal street fighter and has an extensive knowledge of bio-chemistry. 

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