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    Real name: Unrevealed
    Occupation: Criminal
    Identity: Presumed known to U.S. authorities
    Legal status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record
    Known aliases: Unreveled
    Place of birth: Unreveled
    Marital status: Unreveled
    Known relatives: None
    Group affiliations: Unreveled
    Base of operations: Unreveled

    History: The nefarious Mastermind is a young criminal who is fairly new to the practice of super-villainy. Though he has only lived a life of super-crime for a short time, he eas earned a reputation with the New Guardians of the Globe and many of the premier heroes of Earth.
    It was the Guardians who answered the call to foil Mastermind in his latest evil venture, but they were no match for the throngs of bystanders already under his control. The Guardians quickly fell under Masermind's influence when the crowd swarmed them and removed their earplugs. Shrinking Ray, whose ear protection remained intact because of his minaturized form, was about to incapacitate Mastermind when Invincible arrived on scene. Hovering 500 yards above and out of range of Mastermind's abilities, Invincible knocked Mastermind out by dropping a rock on his head.
    In the wake of the skirimish, Mastermind was apprehended and taken into custody. He currently resides at the Federal Supervillian Incarceration Facility.

    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Strength level: Mastermind possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, build and height who engages in regular exercise.

    Known superpowers: By unknown means, Mastermind is capable of creating a field of psionic energy which allows him to project mental commands into the minds of one or more people while simultaneously compelling the victim to carry out those commands against their will. Although completely aware of what they are doing and able to speak freely while under his control, Mastermind's victims are incapable of controlling their actions or stopping themselves from doing what he has instructed them to do. Mastermind's powers were able to be negated by the Guardians of the Globe, who utilized specially manufactured earpieces supplied by Cecil stedman that were capable of blocking his mind control signal as long as the devices remained in place. The maximum effective range of Mastermind's powers appears to be roughly 500 yards or 457 meters.

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