Master Man

    Character » Master Man appears in 132 issues.

    Master Man was a frail Nazi powered by the Super Soldier Serum who fought Captain America in World War II.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Master Man possesses superhuman strength (able to lift 50 tons), speed, and durability, the latter sufficient to survive close proximity to fire or exploding shells. He could also fly through psionic levitation.


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    • Slams through 3 train cars unscathed

    • No-sold airplane Kamikaze by Black panther
    • Tanks bunker bomb shell
    • Regularly took blows from Namor
    • Unfazed by Blue diamonds hardest punch
    • No-sells Toro's heat (Human torch's side-kick)
    • No sells Torch's and Toro's combined heat
    • Tanks Union Jack's electric blasts

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