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    Willis Hayworth is a member of the Chain Gang, a group of former prisoners mutated during the Infinity Gauntlet event. They have superhuman powers while connected by a chain. Hayworth is the bruiser of the four and has the power of super strength.

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    Willis Hayworth was part of a four man chain gang physically linked to three other prisoners named Hector Fuentes, Ernie Mills and Ray Morgan as they worked outside a prison in Upstate New York. Earthquakes were occurring throughout the world due to the events caused during the Infinity Gauntlet. One earthquake occurred near the prison and the gang took advantage of the situation and took out some officers with their pick axes. Willis and the rest of gang ran off and broke into Intertek which was a company specializing in Advanced Energy Delivery Systems. Willis and the rest of the guys were standing in front of a machine that looked like a power drill when another earthquake struck and all four men were zapped with some energy. All four men felt a flow of intense energy and each one gained superhuman abilities. Some police arrived and Willis ripped a metal door of its hinges and used it to hit some officers. The officers were easily dispatched and Willis made a pick to remove the shackles.


    Master Link was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins in 1991 and first appeared in Sleepwalker # 7. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Master Link possesses superhuman strength when he his physically linked with the rest of the Chain Gang.

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