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    The Master Jailer is a genius who is able to create traps that have come close to defeating the mightiest of heroes. As an escape artist his only two peers are Batman and Mister Miracle.

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    Carl Draper grew up in Smallville, and suffered the nickname, "Moosie", because he was fat, homely and clumsy. He never seemed too bright, although he was adept at escaping from traps. Once when the Smallville High Geology Club was trapped by a cave in, he found a way out - but never had the chance to tell anyone, as Superboy saved the group. Carl was also crazy about Lana Lang, who only had eyes for Superboy. His desire to impress Lana - and others- led Carl to a regime of exercise and dieting that replaced his fat with muscle. His homely face was changed through cosmetic surgery, and he studied hard, becoming a master architect and locksmith. Indeed he went far beyond any others, mastering scientific skills surpassed only by a few, such as Luthor or Sivana.


    Master Jailer was created by Martin Pasko and Ross Andru.

    Character Evolution


    Carl Draper grew up in Smallville and was often made fun of for being overweight. He had eyes for Lana Lang and attempted to improve himself to try and impress her, but when Lana proved she only had eyes for Superboy, Carl grew angry and took on the mantle Master Jailer. He kidnaps Lana, but Superman stops him, and has him thrown in prison. This Master Jailer was more of a vengeful type.

    Post Crisis

    Breaking away from the vengeful jealous boy origin of his Pre-Crisis counterpart, Carl Draper was an engineer and strategist that worked for Checkmate. He was assigned a task to capture Superman, but when he failed he became obsessed with the idea of capturing Superman, just to prove that he could do it.

    Major Story Arcs

    In his first appearance he built the Mount Olympus Correctional Facility - the world's most secure prison that could be watched over by a personnel of two. His genius created special cells for the likes of Metallo, Terra-Man, Atomic Skull and the Parasite. Lana Lang was there to cover the official opening for WGBS News. Then along came Superman, to praise Draper and to add his own special touch; he covered the building with a plastic bubble, placed it on an anti-gravity platform, and moved it 20,000 feet into the sky. The Man of Steel wanted to call the new prison, "Draper's Island" but Lana preferred "Superman's Island" and the latter name stuck. During the news broadcast most of Carl Draper's interview was removed and replaced by footage of Superman.

    Embittered, Carl became the Master Jailer, kidnapping Lana and ensnaring Superman in the Eternity trap. But Superman did escape - with a little help from Lana - and put Draper in his own prison.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Master Jailer has the ability to summon and control chains, ropes and other things of the sort to ensnare his enemies. While not unbreakable, these chains are very strong.

    Master Jailer, goes by the codename of Castllian. He is a member of Checkmate and heads up all security matters in case of an attack on Checkmate's base.

    Other Media



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    The Master Jailer appears as a mysterious kidnapper and killer of Fort Rozz escapees in the season 1 episode of the series, titled "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." He bears little resemblance to the comic version, aside from his name and abilities, and was a Kryptonian prison guard with great contempt for his inmates. He was portrayed by actor Jeff Branson.


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