Master Izo

    Character » Master Izo appears in 31 issues.

    A master fighter supposedly mentioned in the "Book Of The Iron Fist." He is over 100 years old.

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    Brief History

    Izo was a member of the organization known as the Hand, over hundreds of years ago.  He chose to leave the group when the leader died and it devolved into a ninja cult criminal organization, prone to serving a demon. Around that time he cut out his eyes. 
    Later he formed the Hand's rival group; The Chaste. However, his students eventually voted him out, as the were disgusted with his drinking and gambling. He was replaced by  Stick. Master Izo went on to train Maki Matsumoto, the supervillainess known as Lady Bullseye.  He then journeyed to New York were the ninja lords were conspiring to make Daredevil their new leader. Izo helped Daredevil and together the two focused on the Kingpin and Lady Bullseye, eventually banishing them from Hell's Kitchen.  Izo later faked his murder at the hands of Daredevil to deceive the Hand so that they now accept Daredevil as their new leader.  He also placed Black Tarantula in the Hand as a mole. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Izo is a master martial artist, with over hundreds of years of experience. As a result of being blind he has superhuman radar senses akin to Daredevil. He also has some form of immortality or life extending serum, as he is around 500 years old.

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