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    A brutal and relentless killing machine, Massacre is one of Batwing's earliest enemies and is sworn to his bloody agenda against The Kingdom.

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    Once a child soldier like his brother David, Isaac Zavimbe's insubordination lead to the General gravely wounding him and throwing him off a cliff. He was later found living in the wild by Josiah Kone, a scientist who belonged to an African superhero team, The Kingdom (Africa's JLA analogue). Kone rehabilitated Isaac and further trained the prodigious child soldier with the sole purpose of creating an all out killing machine for his vendetta against his former team mates after an atrocity they allegedly committed years ago.


    Massacre was created by writer Judd Winick as the first foe for the African Batman Incorporated member, Batwing. His first appearance is in Batwing's new on-going series that is part of DC''s The New 52. He was first illustrated by artist Ben Oliver.

    Major Story Arcs


    In the city of Tinasha in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Batwing finds the body of a murdered man known as Earth Strike, a former hero once belonging to The Kingdom. He was slain by the man known as, Massacre. Batwing would stumble across Massacre as he was in the process of attacking his Tinashan police department, where he subsequently impaled Batwing through the chest. When Batwing recovered from his injuries some time later, he would find Massacre in a small village attacking a teacher once known as Thunder Fall, of The Kingdom. as Batwing shows up to defend the injured hero Massacre claims his attacks are retribution for an alleged atrocity committed by The Kingdom, . Though Batwing tries to defend Thunder Fall from Massacre's attacks, he would eventually die from the wounds inflicted in the attack, unable to inform Batwing as to exactly why Massacre is attacking and systematically killing the members one by one.

    After another slaying, this time the hero Dawnfire, Batwing would come across men dressed as Massacre attacking a museum dedicated to The Kingdom, opened up by their former resident scientist Josiah Kone. Both Batwing and Batman would quell the attack, but Massacre was no where to be found as he was in Egypt in search of another former Kingdom member known as Steelback. Batwing intercepts him, engaging in a brutal battle. Batwing then begins to suspect that Massacre is the man who "enlisted" he and his brother Isaac as child soldiers many years ago, General Keita. Massacre manages to set fire to the bus Steelback is locked in, and leaves, as Batwing attempts to free the man from the bus. he does so and in turn finds out that Massacre is after The Kingdom for a decision they made years ago, to let a murderer go free, in order to help the People's Army of the Congo win their freedom, ironically resulting in the tragic death of nearly 50,000 people. Knowing that Massacre is still after the remaining members of the team Steelback points Batwing in the direction of Gotham City where Staff and Razorwire currently reside.

    As Batwing, Batman and Steelback fly to Gotham, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl all search for the former Kingdom members. When Batgirl figures out an address, she sends Nightwing and Robin to investigate. When the two enter the warehouse, they find Razorwire and Staff already dead, with Massacre, and Steelback's old mech suit, standing over them. The two attempt to fight off Massacre and the tech suit, while Batman and Batwing are still in flight. Batwing eventually makes it to the warehouse where he singles out Massacre, leaving Batman, Nightwing and Robin to deal with the Steelback suit. Batwing claims to know Massacre is really General Keita, a notion Massacre takes great offense to. As Batwing punches off Massacre's mask, demanding to know who he is, he finds out Massacre is really none other than his long thought dead brother Isaac. Batwing attempts to help his brother, who gets angry that Batwing knows his true name, but before Batwing can tell his brother the truth, Steelback's mech suit explodes, seperating the two once again.

    Powers, Abilities & Gear

    Massacre doesnt appear to have any powers but undoubtedly possesses peak human or even possibly enhanced physical abilities.

    So far over the course of the book he has displayed:

    • High Pain Threshold: He's displayed exceptional tolerance to pain, withstanding electric based attacks, falls and blunt force trauma.
    • Strength: Exceptional human level strength, displayed when he is shown punching through a wall in a school.
    • Durability: His armor has so far been shown to be durable enough to withstand small arms fire (was fine after multiple pistol rounds).
    • Speed: Exceptional speed/reflexes displayed when rushing a firing squad of police officers.
    • Skill: Single handedly took out an entire police station, he appears to be extremelely well trained in hand-to-hand and especially skilled with a blade.
    • Equipment: Massacre sports an armor that grants him a good degree of durability. His weapon of choice is a custom machete.

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