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    He is a alien mass murderer that clashed with Superman.

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    An alien fighter who travels the galaxy and enjoys hunting down others as prey. He is seen in a Virago Cruiser. He had killed the ship's female crew. Before encountering Superman, Massacre fights the hero Auron. Massacre calls Auron a worthy opponent after seemingly killing him, before turning his attention to Superman. During the fight, Massacre kills Auron when he tries to assist Superman. Massacre escapes and vows to fight Superman again and kill his friends on Earth. Massacre later came to Earth and again battled Superman this time in Metropolis, but not before killing some people. He once again gives Superman all he could handle in another tough fight, however Superman finally figured out how Massacre could anticipate Superman's actions and was able to defeat him.

    When Superman was being held by an alien Tribunal he saw Massacre also appear before the Tribunal. The warrants out for his arrest for the hundreds of thousands of murders he has committed finally brought him in front of this self appointed arbiter of Justice. He was sentenced to death, a death given to him by the survivors of those he had killed. Massacre was mobbed and beaten until his eventual death, but Massacre did not die during his sentencing by the Tribunal. Then again, Superman himself has been dead before. Maxima seemed to hint that Massacre serves only her now, leading one to believe he was under the direct control of someone else. However he fits into everything, Massacre is now allied with Maxima to help shepherd her people to a safer corner of the galaxy after Imperiex took control of Almerac.

    Massacre appeared to perish with Maxima when she heroically tried to put her ship between the destructive beams of Brainiac 13's Warworld which would have resulted in the destruction of the entire universe.

    Massacre was last seen as part of a group of villains trying to avoid being sent to a prison planet.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Energy Transference: Massacre has the power to travel cosmic distances by converting himself into a form of energy.
    • He can read nerve impulses, predicting what his opponents can do.
    • Super strength: the level is unknown. But Superman has compared his punching power to Doomsday, and feats of strength include easily pressing and throwing a three ton concrete block at Superman.

    Weapons: Energy blasters on gauntlets.

    Shields: Massacre's energy shields have been shown to easily withstand Superman's heat vision.

    In other media

    Was part of the Man of Steel Superman line of action figures by Kenner.

    Set of two action figures with exclusive comic included.
    Set of two action figures with exclusive comic included.

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