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    She was a founding member of the Blood Syndicate. She is considered to be the first transgender superhero in comic books because her shape shifting abilities to pose as a man. She can also change any animal as well.

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    Masquerade was a "Bang Baby" and member of the Blood Syndicate. Although a woman, since gaining her shapeshifting powers, Masquerade's form of choice is a man. She/he would later make the error of double-crossing the Blood Syndicate twice. First by stealing from them, and second by imitating Tech-9. The latter was brought about against his will.


    Shape-shifter, able to assume virtually any animal form. Masquerade usually presented as an African-American man in a red costume, when s/he wasn't turning into a wide assortment of strange and dangerous creatures. Later after Masquerade was kidnapped and further experimented on by System, she/he could not only imitate another bang baby's form but their powers as well. She/he uses that to convince the Blood Syndicate that he is Tech-9. As Tech-9 (leader), Masquerade was responsible for the Syndicate instigating the Utopia Park riot. Not long after that, Dogg discovered that Masquerade was imitating Tech and attacked him. The other Syndicate members joined Dogg and fought against the Demon Fox and Masquerade. Following his defeat along with The death of the Demon Fox and the Syndicate member Kwai, Masquerade is convinced the Syndicate will kill him, but instead is free to go by word of Wise Son. Masquerade then disappears to an unknown fate as he hasn't been seen since his battle against the Syndicate.


    Masquerade returns in pages of Blood Syndicate Season 1. In this Earth Masquerade is named Trevor and is a member of the Paris Bloods. Masquerade is one of the last survivor as the gang ended killed by Holocaust. Initially he was attacked by Brick House, who thought that he participated in the deaths of her gang. But the other members of the Blood Syndicate explained the situation and soon both Bang Babies agreed to join forces against Holocaust.


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