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    Masks » Masks #3 released by Dynamite Entertainment on January 2013.

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    Fading to 'Black'

    As a huge Golden Age and pulp fan, this title is truly a dream come true. The first issue was a huge hit with me, but the second issue was a bit of a letdown from both a visual and story line standpoint. Thankfully this issue was a massive step up. Dennis Calero's art has grown on me and Roberson has provided a much better script than the previous issue. Seeing Black Terror, even as brief as it was, was friggin' awesome. The problems in this issue did bring down my overall opinion. Primarily, the art was inconsistent at best. While I have admitted Calero's art has grown on me, it still lacks. A prime example comes in Black Terror's second panel. Calero does not even make the effort to draw Terror's chain, he leaves it to the colors for the gold detail. Secondarily, the pace of the issue was a tad confusing. While it did seem like an exciting, action-thriller at times, it also felt like a random copy-and-past of various sequences at others. What I loved came in the issue's last half. First was the development of Black Bat. Black Bat is a great character and Roberson has both introduced him and developed him with a great deal of skill while simultaneously bringing a new incarnation of Zorro to a new audience. Second, the furthering of the overall story with the Spider and Ram Singh I thoroughly enjoyed.

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