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Masks Thinly Veiled

The Pros:

Well where to begin. The art by Alex Ross is of course, beyond compare. He has painted this comic book with deft and and a sense of realism to the characters that is hard to find elsewhere by other artists. You definitely get a "feel" this is Chicago back in the day, albeit one in a different type of reality for lack of a better term. The action has you engaged, the story has promise and of course the art is beautiful.

The Cons: OK, there is some thinly veiled--pun intended---plot devices here involving societal and political issues. Made me sigh really because I think the intent here is that these topics have a possibility of getting a bit heavy handed. I am assuming this may happen but hoping it will not.

Also to add, there simply weren't enough pages! There are mentions of other characters, but they weren't actually included here, so it is hoped they will pop up very soon. Lastly, the pace of the story was quick, albeit a bit too quick.

All in all I am still excited for this series. I hope the story doesn't get too "serious" with some things. I hope the action continues and the flow of the story likewise, because it has a very nice tone to it.

I do recommend it, esp if you want a break from the regular superhero stuff and want to check out the "old guys" of yesteryear as they appear in this new take.

4 out of 5 stars.

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