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    Character » Masked Marvel appears in 46 issues.

    One of the first of the superheroes, he didn't last long enough to get a secret idenity

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    In his original run his name and his reason fighting crime, or how he got his amazing plane was unknown and never revealed, he just appeared out of nowhere and started battling crime, he had no superpowers though he was rather strong, but he did have an airplane that could travel underwater as well as in the air. He fought crime with the help of a trio of assistants known as ZL, ZR, and ZY.


    Created by Ben Thompson, who also did Ka-Zar for Timely / Atlas / Marvel, the Masked Marvel was among the first of the characters created in response to the huge popularity of Superman.

    The Masked Marvel, even though he also had a short run newspaper comic strip as well did not last long.


    Gone before 1942 he is one of the public domain characters revived by Malibu and was changed: He was called Night Mask and was given the name of Philiph Reinhart He had a son called Richard Reinhart. He is a veteran fighter and a old friend of President Brian O'brian (The Clock), Gravestone and the Eternal man.


    Masked Marvel could fly a plane, was in great physical shape, invulnerable and was supposedly "the greatest detective in the world" (but not the ones that have Batman or Sherlock Holmes).

    He had a number of gadgets and weapons such as a telepathically controlled plane, a zeppelin, a paralyzing ray gun, and a some kind of televisor- a device which let him see anywhere in the world.


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