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Count Von Steuben, aka The Masked Marauder, debuted with Charlton Comics. He would not become part of DC canon until he battled Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle. The Masked Marauder was an old nemesis of Ted Kord, who destroyed his reputation.

The Masked Marauder attacked Ted Kord's lab assistant, Tracey, in an attempt to gather information, including experimental records. Ted saw this, and approached the Masked Marauder disguised as the Blue Beetle. The Masked Marauder was quickly defeated, and before the Blue Beetle could uncover his identity, he dazed the Blue Beetle, and fled the scene. Several blocks away, he unmasks himself to reveal Count von Steuben, and that once he gathers the information he needs, the world will tremble before his might.

Wanting to get back at Kord, he clawed into a high enough position to enact his revenge, only to find out about Ted's death. Claiming Jaime was Kord's legacy, he decided to kill Reyes instead, to get a chance to "spit on his grave". The Masked Marauder then hired some of Ted's old nemeses, including the Squid Gang, Catalyst, Firefist, Carapax, and the Madmen, who quickly fled the battle. Jaime quickly defeated the Masked Marauder, and his team.

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