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    Out of the Zone of Darkness with Justice!

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    Máscara Negra is really judge Elodia Zárate who lives in Madrid, Spain, she took on her persona of The "Black Mask" because of the criminals she saw getting away with their crimes, it also helps that she has access to something called el Zona de la Oscuridad, “the Zone of Darkness,” Which gives her the ability to teleport herself and others for long distances though the Zone, also by focusing her willpower she can crate shadow creatures which have no intelligence of their own but obey limited orders from her, and she can also create areas of complete darkness that can be used to trap people, along with all that she is also a competent hand to hand combatant, and carries a .45 caliber automatic.


    Máscara Negra was a superheroine who appeared in the pages of the first El Coyote comics series that ran from 1947 to 1955.


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