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    Sometimes getting to live with the girl you're in love with is not the best thing that can happen to you.

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    Masashi Rando is the toughest boy, and best martial artist in Seika High, as well as a bully and more than a bit of a jerk, he and his cronies, who acknowledge him as their leader, generally being called thugs behind their backs.

    Rando is afraid of nothing, and yet he can’t bring himself to talk to Rina Kurimi the sweet and intelligent girl he has a crush on and whom he keeps a number secretly taken pictures with him at all times.

    Life changes for Masashi when while on his way home the bus he is riding on is struck by an out of control truck, sending it over a cliff where it busts into flames.

    The next thing Rando knows he awakes in a strange place, the laboratory of Dr. Manabe, Masashi Rando’s first shock is to find that he has been in a coma for a full year.

    His next is the revelation is that the somewhat mad Dr. Manabe, who just happens to be a master plastic surgeon, was the person who pulled him, the only survivor of the crash, to safety and over the year Rando was in a coma has rebuilt his badly crushed and burned face, unfortunately for Rando, Dr. Manabe was also taken by the pictures of Rina Kurimi he found on Rando and so reconstructed his face based them, so that Rando awakes to find himself, while still a boy otherwise, Rina’s identical twin, the resemblances is heightened due to the weight and muscle lose that took place during his year in a coma.

    Rando’s first thought is to get back to his family, obtaining clothing from Dr. Manabe, who in a example of his eccentric nature (perverted in Rando’s opinion) gives a set of girls clothing in his size.

    Running to his old home, he finds that his family has moved away to parts unknown due to not being able to deal with the supposed death of their son.

    Trying to deal with this Rando wanders off in a funk and runs into Rina Kurimi who mistakes Rando for her long missing older sister Yuna who disappeared years before.

    When Rando is unable to come up with a believable explanation about who he is Rina jumps to the conclusion that this means that Rando must be her sister Yuna and that she is suffering from amnesia.

    In quick order Rando is taken to Rina’s home where he is taken into the family as the missing Yuna and soon finds himself back at his old school where he has to deal with being thought the sister of the girl he’s in love with, fending off his old cronies hitting on someone they think is a girl, and other complications from amorous teachers, to trying to get his old martial arts skills back.

    Rando is aided in all this by Dr. Manabe who helps him from time to time with things like making it so Rando can keep his new identity from being found out by the school’s yearly mandatory physical exam to blending in with the girls at school, and perhaps even eventually getting his old face back.

    As can be expected nothing runs smoothly for Masashi Rando.


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