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Masaru was a tough teen living to uphold all that is right. He lived with his aunt, her two children, and his little brother. Masaru is seen as a hero to some. He spends his time protecting the weak like nerds at his high school. Masaru's aunt however sees him and his brother as free loaders. Masaru lost his mother and father to a car accident. He longs to save up enough money to get a place for him and his brother.Masaru ends up meeting an old friend,Kei Kurono in a subway while trying to save a homeless man that fell on train tracks. This deed would cost Masaru and Kei their lives.


Kato has a problem with killing. He can't do it. He just cares too much. Because of this, his weapon of choice is the Capture Gun.

His goal in the Gantz is to get his friends out alive and return home to his little brother.


Kato originally died on the subway along with Kei Kurono after saving a bum that had fallen on the tracks. He and Kurono were then transported to the Gantz.

Kato was killed at the end of the Buddha Alien mission. After capturing the Lizard Alien with the Capture Gun, he was stabbed through the heart by the creature's tail.

Kurono was the only survivor of that mission.


When you reach 100 points in the Gantz, you are given three options.

  • You will be freed along with your memory erased.

  • You will be given an extremely powerful weapon.

  • You may revive a human being from the memory.

  • Several team members reached over 100 points after the very bloody and very public Oni Alien Mission.

    "Baldy", also known as the old man, chooses number 3 and brings Kato back to life in order to allow Kurono to use his 100 points for freedom.


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