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Masane Amaha is not like the other wielders of the Witchblade she is kind person and a mother as well. She lost all her memory do to a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed Tokyo. Masane was found in the center of point of what could be ground zero. she was found holding a baby that she would be her daughter Rihoko.


Masane Amaha ( 天羽 雅音) is the lead character of the Witchblade (Anime). She was originally designed by Uno Makoto. The comic Masane Amaha was created by Rob Levin and Michael Turner. She appeared in an issue of Witchblade called Witchblade: Bearers of the Blade. In the issue, it explains that Masane is a possible future for the Witchblade in the Top Cow Universe.

Character Evolution

Masane Amaha (Witchblade)
Masane Amaha (Witchblade)

Six years later Masane would come back to Tokyo with Rihoko after being on the run from NSWF's Child Welfare Division. They want to take Rihoko from her because she has no memorys of her before the earthquake and she may not be Rihokos real mother which she finds out later that she is not her real mother but still wants her as her own daughter. The Witchblade soon awakens after Masane is pot in jail after stealing a police car trying to get Rihoko back from NSWF's Child Welfare Division. When in jail she was attacked by a machine that can take human frome and has been on a killing spree. The machine attacked Masane because of this and the Witchblade awakened and Masane became the new wielder and destoryed the machine with not even breaking a sweat.

After all that Masane would come to find her self working for the government to help them destroy the machines that escaped six years during the quake called exCons. Soon after that she would face off against two other Witchblade wielders that work for a huge corporation that is trying to over throw the government. In time Masane would come to defeat them but soon after the Witchblade starts to breaking down her body leading to her death which is seen in the. Rihoko would then become the new wielder of the Witchblade.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

The Witchblade

Masane wielded the witchblade but used is differently than other hosts. She mostly used its abilities as a blade that grew from her arm or extending her hair in to blades. She never used it's abilities to create wings or gills to breath under water. She also gained a new form of the Witchblade which allow her in this form was increased her strength to new levels. But, because of this new form the Witchblade began to drain her life and evidently caused her death.

Other Versions

Other Media


Witchblade (Anime)

Masane Amaha
Masane Amaha

The Witchblade anime was co-produced by the Japanese company GONZO and the American comic book company, Top Cow. The anime was not an exact adaption of the Witchblade comic book. However, it is connected to the expanded universe of the Witchblade. The setting of the anime is set in the far future, long after Sara Pezzini was the wielder of the Witchblade. The story follows a Japanese woman named Masane Amaha. She was discovered inside ground zero (A phenomenal disaster) unharmed. Masane unknowingly, had the Witchlade on her wrist after this incident. She was also holding a baby in her arms and had lost all her memory. Six years later, Masane and the baby (Rihoko) returned to Tokyo. They would walk around Tokyo sight seeing for awhile, Masane told Rihoko that if she got lost they would meet each other under the Tokyo Tower.However, when they are having lunch they are confronted by NSWF's Child Welfare Division. The Child Welfare wanted to take Rihoko away from Masane because she was not really her mother, and also because she had no job to support her. Masane would try to take her child back but would end up getting arrested and sent to jail.

She would then be attacked in jail by a mysterious monster. Luckily for Masane, the Witchblade activated as a reaction to her danger. Masane easily disposed of that monster and escaped from jail right afterwards. However, using the Witchblade used up all her stamina and she collapsed in an ally. Masane would be taken in by a man working for the Douji Group Industries. When Masane awakens, she is met by Hiroki Segawa, the same man who took her in after she passed out. Hiroki takes Masane to his boss, Reiji Takayama. He tells Masane about the Witchblade and its powers, and tells her that it belonged to them. Meaning, since she cannot just take it off, she has to work for them now. Masane continued to decline until Reiji offered her a nice life with her daughter. Masane then agreed, and Reiji briefs her in about hunting the "Ex-Cons." Ex-Cons are monsters that feed on people, and it was the same thing that attacked Masane at the jail. The Witchblade acts differently with Masane when compared to the original American wielders; when activated the Witchblade gives Masane not only a different hair color and style but also an ecstasy-like rush that heightens when she fights.


Masane in casual clothes
Masane in casual clothes

The Witchblade anime has also spawned several painted PVC figurines as is common in Japan. It has several versions including Masane wearing the witchblade, casual clothes, swimwear, etc. Figures all have varying scales

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