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Creation and Origin

The character derives from a nursery rhyme drawn from a poem written in 1830.

Major Story Arcs

Grimm Fairy Tales

A character in Grimm Fairy Tales is insinuated to be Mary as the character is a keeper of sheep and as the issue in question deals with nursery rhymes as opposed to the more common fairy tales. In this story she is a childhood friend of Little Blue Boy and a slave on a farm. When Little Boy Blue runs away he becomes rich through his lies and fraud. Eventually she catches up to him, subdues him and ties him up while she tells her story. Now having become a duchess she reveals that she was in love with him and that she thought he was taking with her (as he had said he would use the map she had made.) She decides that he should die after telling the locals of what he has done to gain his fortune and wealth. this story is told by Belinda and is thus darker than most in the series and the ending is not intended to be a happy one.


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Mary and her lamb lived on the Farm when her lamb was killed by Ghost. Mary was inconsolable over her lamb's death in spite of Rose Red's and the other Farm Fables' best attempts to console her. Mary was later seen at Snow and Bigby's wedding enjoying herself and she, along with the other Fabletown women, was trying to catch the bouquet. Mary's lamb was among the Fables living below the Witching Well and followed Flycatcher to Haven. In the Super Team story arc, it is revealed that the lamb is called Bonny Lamb, and was one of the lambs of Bo Peep, who kept lambs on the Farm.


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