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Mary Storm

Mary Storm is the wife of the surgeon known as Franklin Storm. Together they have raised Johnny Storm and Susan Storm. Their children then became two of the four original and most outstanding members of Fantastic 4.

While her husband Franklin is driving their car to have dinner, its tire experience some technical difficulties resulting to a car accident that killed her. However, her husband tried to save her life by using his knowledge to medical operations. Thus, he failed and Mary was dead. After Mary's death, her husband left his medical career.

Tomb of Namor

15 years after her apparent death Mary Storm comes back to her family. She has been working for a company that wishes to be unnamed and her mission is to find the last nation of Atlantis. At first she appears to be heart felt in her return but then she reveals to Sue, her daughter, the only reason she let her childern know she was alive was because she needed the Fantastic Fours help.

Once Sue and the rest of the Four agree to help her she explains her team has found life in the sunken nation and only Sue, Reed and the thing can get to it. This mission makes it possable for Namor to escape.

While Sue is out dealing with Namor, Mary uses her femine wilds on Reed Richards and convices him to use his powers to decipher the Atlanian writting on Namor's crypt. With Reed's help Mary realizes Namor is not the once King of Atlantis, and that he is dangerous. During the battle with Namor Reed makes a machine that can make his thoughts solid and mistakenly make a image of Mary in her underwear appear and distract Namor. Mary is not pleased by this at all.

After the Fantastic Four stop Namors distruction Mary and Sue have a heart to heart talk and Sue tells her mother she never wants to see her again but asks if Mary is working for Victor Von Doom. Mary never truely answers but unknown to Sue now has a green dragon tattoo on her back.


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