Trials of Shazam for Mary Marvel

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What if Mary Marvel got all new patron goddesses and heroines? Sort of a Trials of Shazam for Mary Marvel.     

Who would you choose?

We'll assume the mythological gods are living on Earth in human form, like how Freddy had to find Apollo (who was a doctor, with a wife and kids) to replace the deceased Atlas in Trails of Shazam.
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The Morrigan
St. Kilda

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Sounds like they're all from Irish/Celtic mythology. What powers or traits would they give Mary Marvel? i.e I assume Danu would give strength (like Demeter did for Wonder Woman), I'm guessing  Aibell would be for magic and/or flight? Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the pantheon.

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I would like to see various alternate Captain Marvels & Black "Adam"s using different pantheons, although I guess the word would need to be changed.

For example on Earth-8, a Norse themed Captain Thunder who looks kinda alot like Thor.

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S eshat
H ebe
A thena
Z apotlantenan
A rtemis
(mixture of different goddesses) 

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