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Mary Margaret is first seen in the flashback origin style mini series known as Angel: Revelations.

Mary Margaret is having visions, strange visions of the future perhaps. Her mom calls on the church and they send a priest over to investigate. She’s got hand wounds that are similar to stigmata and tells the intimidating stranger/priest of the dreams she’s been having about snowmen and men with fire eyes and an Angel. She then states that she knows the man’s name is Worthy. Hunter then explains that he’s going to help her. He then shoots Mary in the foot and proceeds to kill her mother. He explains that she’s going to help him hunt down filthy genetic abberants.

Then Hunter, drags poor limping Mary Margaret across the country stopping at places where she’s dreamed about and shooting/killing all of the mutants they find. Finally, Mary Margaret states she will take him to the Angel. Who for religious reasons, is the most abhorrent to the Hunter. Hunter attacks Warren Worthington’s boarding school as the newly mutated boy is having issues of his own. The Hunter kills one of Warren’s teachers and sets his dorm building ablaze. A battle ensues and Warren and friends best Mr. Worthy and save Mary. Its then stated that Mary went to live with a foster family in New Hampshire. A few weeks later a strange picture comes in the mail to Warren drawn by Mary. It is in fact a picture of the original five X-men, to which Warren says "I don't know what it means exactly--but i like it." Mary has not been seen or heard from since. Her status post M-Day is unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Mary is a precognitive telepath able to see future events. These visions usually manifest themselves in Mary's dreams.

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