Why Not Have Mary Jane Stay In The Book

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Marvel Makes This Irrational Statement About Peter And Mary Jane's Marriage By Stating That Peter Becomes Hard To Relate To Simce Him And Mary Jane Tied The Knot.He Becomes Your Father And Not Someone Like You.Let's Test This Theory Shall We.Issue #544 Just Came Out And They Married Around #292 So That Would Make Them A Couple For 252 Issues.They Didn't Meet Until Issue #42 So Deduct That And That Makes 210 Issues Before Becoming Husband And Wife.So In All Friends/Boyfriend Girlfriend/Husband Wife They've Been Married Longer Than They Ever Were Not Together So That Makes The Arguement That Marvel Presents Pretty Asinine. It's All About A Hook To Bring In New Readers Until They Need Another Hook To Scam The Public

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Beacuse she's a bore, and a Gwen Stacy wanna be...

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