Mary Frazier

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    Ellen Baker's mother.

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    Mary is the mother of Ellen Baker, wife of Buddy Baker, Animal Man. She complains about Buddy's choice to "run around in his underwear" every chance she gets. Ellen often says her mother never liked Buddy, but Mary is always quick to try to correct her, she liked him until she learned he was a superhero.

    Mary lived near Sacromento CA, until Ellen and Cliff showed up being chased by the Rot. She also had a dog named Spot, but he was taken over by the Rot.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New 52

    Animal Man: The Hunt

    When Ellen and Cliff are being chased by one of the Hunters Three they went to Mary's farm near Sacramento. Unknown to them they though the man driving them there was Detective Krenshaw, but in truth was a agent of the Rot. While Mary and Ellen were in the house discussing how Mary hated Buddy, the agent of the Rot kidnapped Cliff. Ellen chases after him while Mary stays back at the farm. When Buddy and Maxine show up she points out where Ellen went. When the Baker family comes running out of the wood being chased by the Rot Mary directs then to her RV which they use to escape.

    Animal Man: Animal Vs Man

    While Buddy and Cliff head into town for food and supplies Mary, Ellen, Maxine and Socks stays behind at the RV. While playing cards Mary tries to convince Ellen that Buddy is a danger to her and the kids, but when Ellen stands up for him Mary storms out of the RV. Then later that night when the Rot attacks and Maxine seems to be killed Mary freaks out and yells at Buddy once again. This time when she sees Maxine destroy her old body to take over a new one Mary calls Buddy evil for doing this to his childrens. She then demands that Ellen and the kids leave him, on this fact Buddy agrees.

    Animal Man: Extinction Is Forever

    Mary drives Ellen and kids to Las Animas to get away from the Rot and Buddy, all the while bad mouthing Buddy. When they arrive there Ellen goes off to talk to Constantine and the Justice League Dark. While Ellen is gone Mary loses Cliff, who has been kidnapped by one of the Rot. When Buddy brings Cliff back Mary is there when the boy faints and says one word "Arcane".


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