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This article is about the second Jack O'Lantern, Marvin Noronsa. For the first, see Daniel Cormac. For the third, see Liam McHugh.


Very little is known about Marvin Noronsa. A Bialyan native, he was chosen by Queen Bee to impersonate the incapacitated original Jack O'Lantern in her new brainwashed Global Guardians. Unlike the rest of his team, he was fully aware of, and happy to go along with, her plotting and deceptions.


Marvin Noronsa was created by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Linda Medley. He made his first appearance in Justice League Europe Annual #1.

Major Story Arcs


Pretending to be the original Jack, Marvin accompanies the team to Paris where they take part in a staged fight with a robot to bolster their image. Later, he joins his team in attacking and defeating Captain Atom when the hero enters Bialyan airspace. Secretly he begins working with Sumaan Harjavti to undermine Queen Bee's rule by goading the JLE into believing she is moving aggressively against them, by framing her for the attempted murders of Max Lord, Captain Atom, and Inspector Camus. He is given command over the Guardians by Queen Bee, hoping to root out the traitor. He attacks the ex-League members when they discover the truth about the Guardians, and accidentally kills an immobile Little Mermaid, for which he immediately blames the League. He leads the Guardians against the League, and is crushed to death when the fighting destroys Queen Bee's underground laboratory.

Powers and Abilities

Noronsa has no known superhuman powers or abilities.

Weapons and Equipment

Noronsa carries a magical lantern, significantly modified by Queen Bee to allow him to use it, which grants him a variety of fantastical powers. Its power slowly waxes until its peak at midnight, and slowly wanes thereafter until it is at its weakest at noon. With his lantern, Noronsa is able to fly, teleport himself or others, generate blasts of energy, create illusions, generate fog, and becomes superhumanly strong and durable.


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