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Reprinting Fantastic Four #48

"The Coming Of Galactus"

The conversation between Reed Richards and Black Bolt of the Inhumans have come to a staggering halt as the palace suddenly erupts with the deadly vibrations of the dread ATMO-GUN, a device capable of wiping out non-inhumans from the face of the earth!

The Gun has been covertly set off by Balck Bolt’s evil brother MAXIMUS, who believes that once the citizens of the Great Refuge realize he has wrested the world from the hands of men and have given it to the Inhumans, they will give him back the crown.

What the twisted ruler doesn’t realize is that despite what they may have believed, Humankind and Inhumankind are in fact related, and the proof lies in the very fact that all mankind is still standing after the Atmo-Gun assault, completely unaffected by the threat! Medusa speaks for Black Bolt stating that this is proof that man and inhuman must work towards the day when they can live side by side!

With nothing to lose, Maximus reverses the charge on the Atmo-gun, creating an impenetrable negative zone between the Hidden Land and the rest of the outside world! The Torch beats his fists against the dome, with no effect whatsoever. A crushed Johnny asks Reed if it will be possible to ever cross over to the Great Refuge again, but declines a reply, knowing full well the devastating answer.

Meanwhile, out in Space, an inergalactic warrior speeds towards earth with deadly intent. He is the SILVER SURFER, and he is coming to earth to claim the planet Earth for his master GALACTUS, the titan who consumes life-giving energies of planets!

The watcher has been observing the Silver Surfer on his journey, and though he cannot act directly, using a Matter-Mobilizer, he attempts to misdirect the Surfer’s searching eyes by creating cover for the earth- first by fire, then with space-debris. But all is for naught, for the skilled Silver Surfer manouvers through the asteroids with ease, and upon landing, fires off a cosmic beacon into space- the signal that will bring the planet devourer to our home!

Ben attempts to stop the Surfer, but it is too late- minutes later, a giant spaceship arrives, and its inhabitant steps out- Galactus has arrived!


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