What do you hope for in the new Thor Movie?

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Superman MOS has shown us what you can achieve in battle scenes with super powered ultra fast characters and we saw some of this in the first Thor Movie. Then we seemed to get a de-powered version in the Avengers. For me the biggest disappointment (the only disappointment actually) of the Avengers movie was Thor's part where he was for me overshadowed (power wise) by the Hulk. Anyway, seeing as Thor is the closest match to Superman out of any of the major marvel characters, I really wanna see a full powered Thor doing his stuff in the next movie. Thor has the potential to be awesome, being a norse God, super strong, with a wide range of powers and in this film he will be fully powered for the full movie, not just the opening and closing salvos. So, what do you want from it?

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a better villain. and NO MORE FREAKING PORTMAN. she is useless.

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-That they show more of Thor´s powers, not only lighting strikes and hammer smashes

-Better battles, the ones form the first movie were short and not the best compared to other hero movies.

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kurse and ulik

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For it not to be another extended pre-trailer for the Avengers 2. IM3 has given me hope at least.

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A good plot.

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Beta Ray Bill

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a real enemy like fire demons

a final say on Asgards connection to Earth, do they care about the cops, teachers, school kids on Earth or do they just care about their kingdom in space

a proper story with Jane and/or other human friends

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Just to comment on the Avengers: I think the point of 'depowering' Thor's brute strength was to balance the team so they didn't end up with a character that was better powerwise than all the others, as in; stronger and more durable than Hulk and with better ranged attacks than Iron Man. Each of them just had their special combination to bring to the set, Hulk was the strongest, Thor was the one with the most powerful ranged attack. (Side note: I may get unpopular by saying this but, let Hulk be his catchphrase and be the strongest one, Thor has like a billion abilities with that hammer of his, so why does he also need to be the strongest?)

What I hope from the movie; a proper foe for Thor to face off against, the Destroyer was just... sad; blows up a few cars, a gasstation and an few giants... blown apart by a bolt of lightning.

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Thor wielding the storm without his hammer.

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