New Marvel fan looking for recommendations!

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Hi guys!

So, let me start by apologizing for the wall of text, and with a slightly off-topic introduction, being that this is my first post and all; I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules. I'm a newly minted Marvel comics fan. My only experience with Marvel before last month has been reading Heinberg/Cheung's Young Avengers and its sequel Avengers: The Children's Crusade, along with most of the Young Avengers tie-ins between these two (for example, the crossover with the Runaways and Young Avengers Presents.) Seriously, I can't get enough of the Young Avengers; if it weren't for them I'd never have continued reading Marvel. About a month ago I found out all about Marvel NOW! (I know, I'm late to the party) and hunted down all the past Young Avengers NOW! issues. They are BRILLIANT. More importantly, they, along with The Avengers movie last year and Iron Man 3, have inspired me to delve deeper into the Marvel universe, specifically with Marvel NOW!

I have so far bought the hardcover collected volume 1s of Avengers (Hickman) and All-New X-Men (Bendis.) As someone who is relatively new to the labyrinth that is Marvel continuity, I have thoroughly enjoyed these two volumes with only minimal Wikipedia-ing of backstories, and I've already pre-ordered the next couple hardcover volumes for both these series and for Uncanny X-men and New Avengers, as well as volume 1s for both Indestructible Hulk and Thor: God of Thunder.

I now need you fine people's recommendations for my next few comics. My only stipulation is that I prefer waiting for trades, hardcover if possible, with the only exception so far being Young Avengers.

Iron Man: I am a big Iron Man fan, though based solely on the movies, lol. I ordered Vol 1 of Iron Man (Marvel NOW!) by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land, based on two assumptions: 1. I LOVE Gillen in Young Avengers, and 2. I'm figuring since it's a first issue it should be easy for me as a newbie to jump in. But now, after reading reviews all over the web, it appears that most people seem to think Iron Man NOW! is "meh" at best. Most of the hostility seems to be directed at Land's artwork (apparently he's a chronic tracer?) On the plus side, I've heard that Greg Land has left this series after the first arc. So my questions to you guys: should I cancel my order of Iron Man NOW! Vol 1 and wait for Vol 2, or ignore NOW! altogether in favor of another past collected series? And if I should ignore NOW!, which series should I start with? Extremis? Invincible Iron Man by Fraction/Larroca? Lemme know!

Uncanny Avengers: Is this series worth it? I've been reading individual issue reviews for it, but since some issues read better back-to-back in trade format than as monthly issues, I'd like your opinions on the series as a whole. Is it redundant to read this alongside Avengers and New Avengers?

Avengers Arena andNova: I'm a sucker for Hunger Games-style bloodbath stories, so Arena appeals to me; but is it "cheap" and "shallow" (read: cash grab) or legitimate, quality entertainment? Also, I'd like to pick up Nova purely because: 1. the hero looks awesome and 2. I know nothing about his past so I'm not going in expecting to be disappointed. But is it too Peter Parker-esque?

"Events": I read a couple pages of the new "Age of Ultron" event at my local comic book store, and personally, I loved the post-apocalyptic feel. But I'm seriously confused about when this is supposed to be happening (616? Alternate timeline?) and I'm afraid it'll get too convoluted to keep track of this while just getting into NOW! Should I just man up and get AoU regardless? Or is my time and money better spent on past events like AvX?

Thank you so much for reading and providing your thoughts. I apologize again for the long post. Looking forward to being a part of this community :D

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Welcome to ComicVine! I just bought the Avengers Arena, and it should arrive in 2 weeks. If you can wait I'll give you my honest opinion about it; thus far I have seen that people don't like the fact that their favorite heroes are getting killed or will be changed forever. I believe this book is targeted for possible new fans of the characters since they aren't that popular in my opinion. I mean you don't see Captain America, Hulk, Logan, Stark, or Hawkeye in a Avengers Arena. I mean imagine if they killed Spider-Man. They would never kill spider-man... wait...

( + )

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@yung_ancient_one: Thanks, and yeah I don't mind waiting till you receive and review your copy of Arena. :) I myself am due to receive my copy of Iron Man Vol 1 (NOW!) any minute now, and I still don't know if I should open it or return it, lol. And about Spidey: I haven't actually read any Spider-Man issues (I know, shame on me) but I do know that the Spidey in NOW! is Doc Ock. Is it a good series to get into for a Spidey newbie?

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@greenavenger: Welcome to Comicvine :)

Is Uncanny Avengers worth it? well the best issue of the first arc is issue #5, which is the last title in the collected trade. I heard it has considerably picked up since then and the last 2 issues have been fantastic so you can look forward to that if you get it. It read much more like a traditional Avengers title than Hickman's "Avengers" currently does. The latter is still very good but the former is probably a better entry point into Marvel right now. It's not redundant to read it alongside Avengers and New Avengers. Those two are doing their own thing in the MU and Uncanny is doing it's own thing. They're pretty separated even though there is some character bleed over.

Nova isn't too Parker-esque. He isn't a smart mouth, he's dealing with powers that dwarf Spider-Man's, it's a similar set up, young kid gets powers, has to deal with it, school etc. but I've been enjoying it a lot and I loved the previous Nova, so you should be able to get into it.

A title you haven't listed that I HIIIIIIGGGGHHHLLLLYYYYY recommended is Hawkeye. You can get the first trade already and the second is coming out soon, it's paperback but it's well worth it. One of the funniest and prettiest Marvel books coming out right now. He's kind of a b-lister, but at least he's in the Avengers. Journey Into Mystery is another fantastic title but it hinges on you having some love for the Asgardian characters. Thor hasn't appeared yet, it's been focused more on Sif but I still love it.

I also recommend FF. It's got some characters that have already been introduced into the Fantastic Four universe but they re-introduce them in this series and give me plenty of reasons to love them.

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@spinningbirdcake: Thanks so much! :D I'll definitely pick up Uncanny Avengers and Nova then. Also, I didn't even know Hawkeye had a NOW! series, much less one featuring Kate Bishop! Thanks for bringing it to my attention; I'm definitely gonna check out the TPB.

Have you read Fantastic Four as well as FF? Which of the two would you say is more worth buying, if you had to pick one?

Also, any advice regarding my Iron Man NOW! dilemma?

Sorry for all the questions, ha. Please don't feel obligated to answer them all. Thanks again :D

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@greenavenger: Yeah Hawkeye's second trade is coming up next month two so you'll have plenty to read :)

I've read both since they launched and I'd have to say FF is better. They're both good but FF deals with characters that have less of a spotlight on them in the MU. Plus there's a bunch kids living in the Baxter Building and their interactions are adorable. It's one of the sweeter Marvel titles coming out.

Yeah Greg Land gets some hate. I think it's partly because of his tracing and partly because of how the faces of his women all look the same. The series up until the end of the "Godkiller" arc has been reviewed so-so. Starting with issue #9 they are telling the secret origin of Tony Stark and that issue was reviewed much better than all the previous ones so maybe that's the better place to start. I think the origin arc starts with the second collected trade of Iron man which comes out in August.

Not a problem to answer your questions at all. If you have anymore just shoot me a reply.

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@greenavenger: hey and welcome to the party!

First off, the first thing that I thought to recommend is a DC title or something else from another company. Since you say you are a new Marvel fan I think it'd be best for you not to limit yourself right out the gate. But i do understand new fans of the Avengers movie who want to get into comics want to follow chaacters theyre familiar with. But if you must go Marvel only (hopefully just for now), all the solo titles for each Avenger that you know from the movies are great, save for Iron Man.

My advice for Iron Man:

I think it's best to start by reading the Extremis trade for all newcomers. Plus you just saw IM3 so you have some understanding going in. Another recommendation is Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man run, starting with the Five Nightmares trade. Those should be enough to get you started.

Also, I wouldn't recommend Uncanny Avengers personally, especially if you're new to comics. Their is back story to it (both Avngers an X Men) that might be confusing. If you tried to jump right in and read it, you'd probably be confused. Though Marvel NOW is great and all I actually think DC is more new reader friendly with the New 52 reboot. Marvel still has back story you are expected to know with many titles.

Anyway, I wish you the best in your comic book discoveries. I hope you can get into it as much as me. It's pretty much my favorite thing - reading comics. And if not that, it's talking about them. Best of luck and don't be afraid to check out new things!

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@greenavenger: I would totally recommend Uncanny Avengers. It's my favorite Avengers book right now. The first arc (with the Red Skull) is a little slow, but it's got some nice art by John Cassaday (Astonishing X-men, Planetary), and some neat fights. By issue 5 (drawn by Olivier Coipel), the team is officially formed and we get a nice feel for the group dynamic. And issues 6,7, and 8 (drawn by Daniel Acuna) take place in the past and the present with Apocalypse and Kang; the world is doomed and it's all Thor's fault!!

but, yeah, I'd check that out.

Also, if you like the Young Avengers, you might like Hawkeye. Not because it's anything like it, but it features both Hawkeyes (Kate and Clint) as partners, and it is pretty good.

Hope this helps!

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Ed Brubaker all

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I really would like to give you an in depth reply, but I just don't have the time. Here is my recommendation list.
-New Avengers


- Ultimate Spiderman

- Daredevil (THIS IS A MUST!)


House of M

Civil War

World War Hulk

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@yung_ancient_one: Thanks, and yeah I don't mind waiting till you receive and review your copy of Arena. :) I myself am due to receive my copy of Iron Man Vol 1 (NOW!) any minute now, and I still don't know if I should open it or return it, lol. And about Spidey: I haven't actually read any Spider-Man issues (I know, shame on me) but I do know that the Spidey in NOW! is Doc Ock. Is it a good series to get into for a Spidey newbie?

I think I should get someone in more capable hands to answer that question, and more importantly recommend good Spider-Man comics in general. @strider92@punyparker

Can you two share your expertise opinions on the Web Head.

( + )

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@yung_ancient_one: Thanks, and yeah I don't mind waiting till you receive and review your copy of Arena. :) I myself am due to receive my copy of Iron Man Vol 1 (NOW!) any minute now, and I still don't know if I should open it or return it, lol. And about Spidey: I haven't actually read any Spider-Man issues (I know, shame on me) but I do know that the Spidey in NOW! is Doc Ock. Is it a good series to get into for a Spidey newbie?

ΝΟ!....Of cource not!
Superior Spider-Man may be an interesting read,but.....this isnt Spider-Man....if you want to know the character i strongly recommend reading Ultimate Spider-Man(not Ultimate Comics Spider-Man)....and that's it! is still fresh,today(#1 published in 2000) written by Marvel's No.1 writer Brian Bendis and drawn(mostly) from Mark is a slightly new take on the origin of Spider-Man/Peter Parker which you'll find amusingly interesting,and you'll fall in love with the character,i asure you!

I dont recommend reading the original Amazing Spider-Man stories,just because...they're old!...and a new reader who want to know the character,wouldnt bond with the 60's version of Peter....

And just to tell you,if your information on Spidey comes of the movies,and only,then i have to tell you,that the thing some Spidey fans love the most is that he is a wise-cracking smarta**!!
He throws jokes here and there all the time! "Full body stocking,never stops talking!"'s in the character....

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Read Alpha Big time! I'ts a great book and it's short.

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Iron Man

How far are you willing to go? If you don't mind bronze era comics I would suggest David Michilinie's Iron Man however it is dated but it did change the Iron Man. If not Extremis is a fine stand alone story where you don't need to know much Warren Eliis have stated that he have only read the first couple of issues as a research. Matt Fraction's Iron Man should be good I haven't read it yet though.


Now I know you haven't ask for it. However I would recommend you Pick up Frank Millers Daredevil. If you don't want to read comics from the 80's I would recommend you pick up Bendis Daredevil run for the begging of the 00's that leads into Ed Brubaker and that is another great run.

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@teerack: He wants to meet with the character...

@greenavenger: There's a moment with your favorite Iron Man!!

No Caption Provided

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Personally, my favorite books right now are X-men Legacy and Secret Avengers, though they are kind of fringe books. If you are new to Marvel and want to get plugged into the more mainstream side of things, I'd suggest Avengers Assemble, Wolverine and the X-men, FF, and/or Superior Spiderman. Those books are all positioned, intentionally or not, to be really ingratiating to new readers.

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Heres my review on Avengers Arena: Kill or Die


This story is inspired by The Hunger Games success, and The Hunger Games was inspired by Battle Royal. Big deal. Art imitates art all the time. Dennis Hopeless (funny last name), Greg Horn (#3), Dave Johnson(#1), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend(#2) let the reader know that this isn't an "original" story. Arcade even says on the first issue "Got the idea from a couple kids' books I read in the pen."

This story isn't solely about "heroes" killing each other for survival. They do have flashback memories showing insight on some of the characters in the story. Everyone is fairly interesting in the book. I personally became fond of Cammi, Anachronism (first time typing it without spelling it wrong), and Bloodstone. I loved to hate Nara, and Kid Briton.

Every tradeback (trade paperback, TP, TPB) I've bought promote other volumes of other books. Avengers Arena: Kill or Die promotes Avengers Academy volumes.

I personally had no idea who most of these characters are, and might have never found out about them if it wasn't for this book. This book caught my attention and know I am more familiar with newer characters.


The story feels like something Marvel came up with in hopes to make more money and help promote newer characters. Sadly the story involves killing off characters readers may or may not be emotionally invested in. I personally lost one character on the first issue. It does suck growing fond of Anachronism and knowing he might just end up dying and that's it. The first couple deaths were almost pointless. I say almost because I feel as they unfortunately died to show the reader that there will be characters getting killed.


The ugly truth is this book is selling 30k at least each month. (comichron dot com) The BIG TWO are too big so they make a lot of decisions fans will hate just because there is a chance to make $$$$$. The book isn't a bad read. The book is actually a fun good read, but it isn't a great book. I give it 2/5. I personally want to get the second volume of the series.

5 STARS = It's a Classic

4 STARS = It is definitely a great book

3 STARS = I'd highly recommend it

2 STARS = It's just another comic book.

1 STAR = Overpriced

N0 stars = HATE is a strong word, but I really really really don't like this

ps thanks for reading

( + )

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@spinningbirdcake: So I picked up Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 and Hawkeye Vol. 1. I loved them both! For Uncanny Avengers, I felt the Red Skull arc started off a bit random, what with the Red Skull robbing Xavier's grave and all lol, but you're right in that it feels like a "traditional" Avengers story compared to Hickman's more cosmic feel in Avengers. But now that Kang is on the scene, I'm excited. Plus, I'm a Scarlet Witch fan, so that's a plus. I'll definitely be following both series. For Hawkeye: I haven't finished it but what I've read so far has been a blast! Lighthearted, not too heavy on the history, and Kate Bishop to boot--perfect light reading, and I thank you for the recommendation. I ALSO got FF #1 and it was good! The art style wasn't exactly to my liking, but I think the writing is good enough to warrant picking up at least another couple issues. For my Iron Man dilemma, I actually borrowed the Marvel NOW! Vol. 1 from my friend, and I'm glad that I didn't buy it; it was mehhh. I will be picking up Vol. 2 (Secret Origin) however. SO all in all, thanks a lot for your recommendations, they've been excellent :D

@extremis: Hey, thanks for replying! My brother is actually the resident DC fan in our family, and I'll soon be reading his volumes of Batman and Detective Comics from the New 52, as he constantly tells me they're great. I definitely plan on reading more of DC's stuff after that, but I'm using Marvel NOW! to get my feet wet with comics. For Iron Man, I borrowed Vol. 1 of the Gillen/Land series from a friend and you're right, it wasn't great. I do plan on getting Extremis soon, followed by the Invincible Iron Man omnibuses by Fraction if I can. Thanks for your recommendations!

@oldnightcrawler: Thanks for replying! I am totally in agreement with you after having read Vol. 1 of Uncanny Avengers and about half of Vol. 1 of Hawkeye.

@punyparker: Thanks a lot for your detailed response! I just ordered Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 by Bendis and Bagley, and I'm very excited to start reading it!

@tupiaz: I'm more interested in the recent Iron Man storylines. I think I'm going to start with Extremis and then go on to Invincible Iron Man by Fraction. Thanks!

@thefool: So I JUST finished reading "Age of X," which heavily featured Legion as a main character, albeit in an alternative universe. I went in knowing nothing about Legion, but now I can't wait to read more about him! I'm definitely going to pick up X-Men Legacy. I think it'll be a good fringe X-men storyline to read, as you put it. Plus the cover art for all the issues looks badass; I'm strongly considering picking up back-issues instead of the trade for this one.

@yung_ancient_one: Thanks a lot for your review! I'm enough of a fan of super-teen fight-fests to pick up Vol. 1, and even though the idea of learning about a whole slew of characters I know nothing about is intimidating, I'm kinda excited about it too.

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@greenavenger: Cool man. Glad I could help. If I come across anything else I think you might like I'll let you know.

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Loving FF with Mike Allred on the art. His style is very cool. He did a series called X-Statix that was very good. The characters were beautifully drawn and it was interesting having a mutant team who were into the fame thing. There's an omnibus of the series out now.

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@thefool: I'm sorry to resurrect an oldish thread, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for recommending X-Men: Legacy! I just finished reading the Vol. 1 TPB, and I'll be darned if Legion isn't now my favorite X-Men character currently! I already went on a mini-rant about how good this series is in another thread, so I'll post that here:

This is hands down my third favorite Marvel NOW! title after All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. It was a risky move to reboot Legacy with a focus on just one main character, especially a fringe character like Legion, but IMHO the risk has paid off well. The writing is great; I could listen to Legion rant all day. And Spurrier makes David a truly sympathetic character (no easy feat)--he's the guy I'm rooting for more than any of the other X-Men at the moment, because he always comes so frustratingly close to conquering his demons before slipping up and pulling himself back again while trying to fulfill his father's dream in his own way. The artwork takes some getting used to, but you know what, I think it fits Legion and his craziness very well. In any other series the angular and skewed body proportions would look weird but here it gels well with Legion and the turmoil going on inside and outside him. And the cover artwork is definitely gorgeous, and indicative of some real creative juice.

It's a shame the new Legacy is a "fringe" title--it definitely deserves more attention. I'll definitely be seeing this series through to its end.

So thanks a lot again for the recommendation! :D

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@greenavenger: You don't care that a character you end up liking might just die and fade into limbo?

( + )

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@yung_ancient_one: Do you mean Legion? I've only read up till issue 6 of Legacy (waiting on vol 2 of the TPB) so I don't know if there's any immediate danger of him dying. But in general, the whole notion that he could at any moment lose his inner battle vs one of his alter-egos makes his struggle more relatable to me than many other characters, so I definitely care about him and hope that he triumphs.

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@yung_ancient_one: OHH sorry, got carried away by Legacy rant haha. I do care about characters I bond with potentially kicking the bucket. I'm currently on issue 2 of Arena and there's already a couple characters (chiefly Locket) I've taken a strong liking to, and I would hate to see them die. It sucks because there's only supposed to be only one winner at the end, but I suppose that since that's the whole premise of Arena, I can deal with it.

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Daredevil! The writing has been so entertaining and so emotional! Very personal as Matt is going nuts again. This series has had it's shocking moments too! The artwork from Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee are genius! It's not my preference but there are some scenes where they really know how to creep you out or get your emotions running! I never thought I'd be so into a super hero book from Marvel again but Daredevil keeps going for more.

Thor is also pretty great writing and wonderful artwork! Never been a big Thor fan but Jason Aaron know how to write an epic story. Esad Ribic make everything look so majestic. They are a perfect match for Thor.

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Try Michael Straczynski's run on Thor, supposed to be really good.

You can also pick up Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America, the first volume is called "Captain America: Winter Soldier".

House of M is a good Event to start with.

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