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Seen in just about every Marvel comic published in the mid to late 60s, which of these letter combos could you claim?

Though I suppose some would have to be changed, Q.N.S.? Not quite…. Changed to posted over100 message about Marvel on a forum, and or have a blog or web page devoted to same.

Still, as “no-prizes”*, are no more that would be a little hard.

*Usually rewarded for having pointed out a mistake or some other sort of thing in one of the comics “hey. Why did Daredevil have a sight on his billy-club when he used it like a gun? He’s blind!” Some people actually got no-prizes, which consisted of empty envelops from Marvel Comic’s offices. (I wonder if an unopened one is worth anything to collectors.)

Saying something like “Face Front True Believers!” to often today might get you on the Person of Interest List at Homeland Security.

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That's interesting, I don't remember ever seeing this in any comics, although I guess most of the older comics I've seen are from the '70s. These also probably need to be adjusted for title inflation. Am I correct in thinking Marvel only had five regular titles at this time? If so, R.F.O. would now mean someone who buys 3/5 of every Marvel comic per month, and P.M.M. would have to buy every single one. In that case, I would probably only fit K.O.F. and maybe F.F.F. at a stretch.

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I can't decide.

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No, at the time there was FF Spider-man, Thor, Avengers, Not Brand Ecch, Rawhide Kid, Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos, Strange Tales with Dr. Strange, and a number of single comics with two characters spliting it up such as Hulk and Subby, and Iron-Man and Cap. Af few other titles as well.

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