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Looking for a good Marvel event to dive in to. I've read Civil War along with the 2 Hulk events that coincide with CW, also read House of M, Infinity Gauntlet, Age of Apocalypse, and Onslaught, I feel like I'm forgetting a few but oh well. Could really use some suggestions, I thought about AvX but haven't heard too many good things about it. I'm open for anything from the 70's onward.

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One of my favorites is when Tony Stark goes nuts and the Avengers have no choice but to go back in time and recruit Tony Stark from his 20's to defeat him. It was rad, but I forget the event name.

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Dark Angel Saga is great!

Anything X-force from the last few years actually.

Siege was pretty bawwwssss too.

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Awesome, thanks so much for the suggestions!

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@JediXMan said:



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