How about a Daredevil TV Show?

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See, with Marvel dominating the box offices (yes, I did watch Iron Man 3 a few days ago, and yes, I am guilty of loving the film), and thanks to Marvel NOW, are dominating market share of comic sales (one line in and I already sound like a Marvel fanboy), what market can Marvel expand to? If your answer is TV, then you, sir (or ma'am), are thinking along the same wavelength as me.

"Comic book adaptations on TV? Don't be silly" Uhm. Take a look at Walking Dead, the show has been so popular that it is now financially impossible for an everyman to collect the entire series from scratch. "Superheroes on TV? Thats absurd!" I hear them cry, well, unless you've been living under a rock, you surely must have heard of (Green) Arrow, which from whatever I hear around me, is gathering somewhat of a fanbase. So why not Marvel? Marvel on TV is not new news, I mean, we are most likely aware of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's (or for those who loved the summer blockbuster last year, Avenger's) Joss Whedon storming Marvel TV by storm with S.H.I.E.L.D., rolling off the Avengers movie, where we see the super spy organization in its days of action. I have no clue what the show is about, but the fact that it is connected to the Marvel U has got me interested.

My real question is "Why stop there?"

So I spent time thinking about heroes, and what superhero would fit into a modern community? I felt like I was taking the wrong approach, so instead, I decided to ask around what people liked. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Suits, Sherlock are a few examples that came about quite frequent. And so, in my mind, it connected.

Daredevil. A Daredevil TV show, where we get an element of witty, clever law elements from Matt Murdock (like in Suits), Detective work and investigations on Daredevil's side (like in Sherlock, or any crime investigation shows), politics when dealing with the Kingpin or Mafia families (a watered down version of the epic Game of Thrones) and of course, a little law evasion (trying to not reveal his secret identity).

I know this might sound extreme, and some might argue that I'm pretty much using elements from other TV shows, but isnt that what sells? By seeing what works and does not work, and then cherrypicking them, that could be a key to success. I mean, it wont be hard to film, a good amount of great camera work could cover up for the fact that Daredevil has no superpowers, not as flashy as Iron Man, but it sure as hell saves a lot of money.

So what do you say? I'm curious, Viners, for your opinions.

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I'd love a Daredevil show, with cameos from Luke Cage and'd kick many an ass.

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it not a bad idea, I'd love to see Superhero TV show. But the problem is the script, and cameos. I mean, if MCU has further plans on some hero, let say, Punisher, and if he make an appearance on TV show, but different people on the big screen....people will get confused.

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If they can pull off Shield and Green Arrow, I see no reason why a live-action Daredevil show wouldn't kick all kinds of ass.

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In theory I'd enjoy it. I like Arrow, i dont see why other hero shows cant work.

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As long as it's better than the Affleck disaster I'd love to see a DD show!!!

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