Guide to the Hulks please!

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to someone still re-aquainting himself with the comic world, 30 years after he regularly read DC/Marvel comics (and fairly new to Comic Vine), I'm confused by all these Hulks. I know who WW Hulk is now, but please, who was "World Breaker Hulk" and what comics can I find him in and also, what or who is "savage Hulk" and the "Grey Hulk". Is Savage Hulk just the word for the normal Hulk?

Final question, what sort of power level is the current Hulk at? Assume its below WWH levels. Thanks and sorry if this is all meat and drink to you Hulk experts!!

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Savage Hulk is the hulk most commonly seen. barely makes words out but is crazy strong but more or less wants to be left alone or trying to powderized whoever/whatever made him mad. world breaker hulk is a prophesy from planet sakaar, that is the planet that from planet hulk that leads up to world war hulk. it was prophesied that he would destroy the world, hence the world breaker title. basically green scar hulk, the hulk with a cunning mind that focuses his rage and thinks tactically, became so angry that he was releasing massives amounts of radiation, he took a few steps and the world was shattering and if he did anything more the world would have been destroyed from the power output. Grey hulk is another incarnation of hulk. while savage hulk represents his anger Grey Hulk also known as joe fixit represents the wild teen that banner never really got to be and he's usually concerned with making money and being generally devious, not evil per se but kinda like a guy you would expect to run into if you were in vegas. Hulks power level is in the 100+ class, he's been seen lifting several billion tons, smashing planets, fighting Sentry which is the marvel version of superman only crazy and with telepathy and ressurection powers and his power only increases with rage as im sure you've heard thousands of times

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You could read the wiki or ask @theacidskull , he is the expert.

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Thank you all, so basically WB Hulk was WW Hulk, it was a phrase coined in the Planet Hulk and WW Hulk novels (I've re-read them now).

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