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Fuck it.

Go see it if you want I'm not your boss

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@constocorp: I agree on all your points and I will not be going to see it, but to call for a boycott that may be to much. How about we just hope that it tanks hard and then Marvel can buy the rights back.

BTW I hope that the new X-Men movie tanks too.

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I'll will be there opening weekend. The Fantastic Four are some of my favorite characters and I do have reservations about the movie. That being said, most of the negativity has come from rumors and hearsay. The trailers have all looked promising. There is as good of chance that I will hate the movie as much as there is one that I will like it, but I am still looking forward to seeing what they produce.

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I agree I do not intend to see the movie for it is a far cry from the characters but boycott is overboard I think. Simply wait for a movie you like and see that.

Somebody may like the new Fantastic four with all the pc stuff going on.

Who can say not I.

It seems to be all about whom owns who and what they can do with this character vs whom has the say on anything. I think they just changed the characters just because they can.

Like spitting on Marvel and laughing.

Like how they did the Silver Surfer and a huge cloud they called Galactus.

Wow a cloud and then to have the Surfer get his powers from his board of all places.

Did they even read the comic.

It makes you worry.

So yeah I will pass if you cannot get the characters correct the story will more then likely suck as well.

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In humans > F4

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While I'm not the biggest fan of the Fantastic Four, I've been to the movies multiple times in the past two months and every time I've seen a trailer for the new movie and the people in the audience seem generally interested in it. It seems that the movie is focusing on the fact that the FF is a family of explorers rather than just a team of super-powered people. They got their powers trying to reach the stars, and continued to use their powers to explore new places, dimensions, and worlds. This movie seems to be trying to capture that aspect and from the trailers I've seen of it, they're doing a great job at capturing it.

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Can't you wait a few months and catch it on Redbox? That way they only get a Dollar instead of $6-10

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@lordhuck: Ha. Nope. It has actually been my most anticipated movie of the year with maybe only Jurassic World edging it out. I knew what to expect from AoU and have a pretty good idea what to expect from Ant-Man, but have no idea what to expect from this movie. I think it will be a good movie even if it is not a good Fantastic Four movie just based on the talent of the cast and crew.

There is definitely a chance that I will be extremely disappointed with movie but that just adds to the anticipation for me. Based solely on the trailers and not rumors or reports about behind the scenes stuff, it looks like a very intriguing movie.

I miss the days when the only information we knew about movies were the trailers that were released a month or two before the theatrical release. Now we know most the plot of movies up to a year and a half out from all the leaks and set photos and we go into the theaters with our minds already made up if we are going to like it or not.

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For all my earlier misgivings, I'm gonna see it and I'll probably like it.

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IS the all Marvel movie this should be boycot no't only the fox one.

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I'm curious to see how Fox Abattoirs have butchered Marvel's first family, but as I've done in the past with Fox & Sony counterfeit films of Marvel super-hereos, will not support it at the cinema.

I'll wait to see the DVD release usually given to me as Birthday, Xmas or Father's Day gifts.

Josh Trank's alternate re-imagining of the "Fantastic Four" is in name only. Should be called "Chronicle 2".

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No I'm going to see the movie it looks better than I thought originally after the first trailer. And I'm sick and tired of people wanting to boycott this film just give it a chance it may suprise you

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That's your right to not go see it. PErsonally this is the most interested in a CBM movie I've been in a while. Curious to see what Josh Trank made.

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Nah, I'll still see it.

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Won't even touch this film with a barge pole.

But calling for a boycott is pretty silly. It's only a film.

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The movie may be good but it won't be the F4

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@constocorp: Dude I dont think you have to be to worried about it; even casual fans of the FF know they mangled it, me being one of them.Honestly, I just like reading old issues of The Thing's solo series.There sure are some great stories there if you dig through the cheez.

In closing, I would not watch that movie if the ticket holders where paying ME.

Better off watchin the old ones, but not by much lol

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The Fantastic Four was the first comic I ever bought back in 1974. Right now in my opinion marvel feels about the FF the same way they feel about yesterdays lunch. I wouldn't boycott the movie though. There is simply no point. Marvel in my opinion also cares about the fans as much as they do about yesterdays lunch. In fact I think marvel would love to see this movie tank, for reason that are off course dismissed by superior, rational fans who are of course never wrong and known the inner workings of the company.

But I don't think it matters, they are going to do what ever they want to do and the more we complain the more they seem to make money and increase sales. Hate, for lack of a better word, is what they live for these days. It's better to have the heroes hated and sell than have them admired for principle and honor and not sell.

At any rate I can't afford the movie anyway so I'll wait until this hits the five dollar bin at best buy.

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I thought the reason they were making it was because they were planning on doing a F4/Xmen crossover. Plus with all the movies on Marvels slate when would they get around to making a Fantastic Four movie. Also I think the movie looks interesting it could either be great or really bad I dont know. At least it isnt like Catwoman where they literally threw out everything from the comics.

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Other than the thing, F4 looking as if the Gov is their mentor, A lot of cheap CGi, young Mr. Reed,Human Torch that doesn't seem that immature... it doesn't look that bad.

I'll be seeing it either way. I for one who hates batman still have watched all batman movies. Will probably never miss a modern day superhero movie.

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So because a critic doesn't like it we boycott it?

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Naw man. I'm giving my money to the corporate devils.

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#25 Posted by vvoodst0ck (213 posts) - - Show Bio

:/ really?

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5a04a566e9ae3 (12864 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it looks awesome and I'll be there opening weekend.

No Caption Provided

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#27 Posted by Cap10nate (3629 posts) - - Show Bio

@sprior93 said:

I think it looks awesome and I'll be there opening weekend.

No Caption Provided

As do I.

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Yes lets all Boycott the movie because it "might" be crap, Personally I think it is looking a lot more promising then I thought it would, At least wait and see how the finished movie is rated, You might be right, But then no one can actually say its a Good or bad movie based on a 3 minute trailer, It might give you a bit more of an Idea of how its going to turn out And you have every right to doubt it and the reasons it is being made, But at least wait until you have seen it or it has been reviewed before going off half cocked banging on about boycotting it, Because if it turns out to be a good film then you end up looking like a bit of a T##t.

I thought Guardians of the Galaxy would be a major flop and thought Battista playing Drax was a really bad idea, How wrong was I on both counts.

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not going to see this one. It just is not the fantastic four its just all messed up. Has no draw what so ever really.

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It'd probably struggle without the MCU branding anyway, considering even Spidey joined the MCU to make ends meet for Sony.

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I'm gonna movie hop when I see it so they won't get my money anyway.

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The trailer seem pretty nice. I think we should at least let the review come out before making such harsh decision. Personally, I don't think anything would warrant boycotting a movie about a fictional family.

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@jayc1324 said:

So because a critic doesn't like it we boycott it?

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I agree I do not intend to see the movie for it is a far cry from the characters but boycott is overboard.

Imo, I think it will do better than the last franchise, but I doubt it will be groundbreaking or financially successful as GoTG tbh.

xoxo, -Saint Sophie

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@war_killer: Yeah well they'll achieve attaining the "true spirit" of the FF when they:

1. Get a good reed.

2. A beautiful Sue with some acting depth.

3. A big jock like charismatic actor to play Ben instead of a toothpick midget..

4. A WHITE Johnny who acts cocky not obnoxious in trying to be accepted in the role.

5: when they actually hire a REAL Doom who looks, talks and embodies th role.

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#36 Posted by Cap10nate (3629 posts) - - Show Bio

The new trailers have been released. Both continue to look good. Really excited for this movie.

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