Celestials and Magic Beings

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So Celestials are this all powerful space race right? When it comes to power and abilities how do they compare with magical gods like Cyttorak, Agamotto, Cthulu, Odin, Zeus, Osiris etc

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Celestials seem to have power over space and matter within a local physical realm whereas magical dimensional gods have power over dimensions and time. Odin and Zeus are Earth pantheons, not dimensional gods. Quack quack.

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how about roma the guardian of the multiverse?

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Celestials have been repeatedly to more powerful than any God's. Some might argue that Scathan is more powerful than LT.

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Depends on how in depth you want to look, but Earth X did basically have Celestials swatting down everything up and including Norse gods. Though they do seem to be extremely vulnerable to attacks that warp the fabric of space and/or time.

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Celestials have shown to be leagues above and beyond Elder gods. Cyttorak, Skyfathers, Hell lords....all below average Celestials. IMO

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I've been wondering this lately. With all the Thor/odinforce hoopla on the boards, I wondered if odin is so tough why wasn't he with the heavy hitters like galactus and such when they gathered in the infinity series. Based on just power rankings on different web pages and comicvine match-ups, they made it sound like different tiers. Not very scientific, but that was the impression I walked away with

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Thor did participate in the Infinity (guantlet) series but was more or less a foot-soldier.

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@cosmic_reign said:

Thor did participate in the Infinity (guantlet) series but was more or less a foot-soldier.

Oh yeah I know he was in, but I was curious about odin, when they gathered galactus celestials, tribunal, those types

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