Best Marvel Comics Right Now

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Like what the titles says, what are the best or your favorite marvel comics right now.

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Anyone reading Inhumans vs X-Men?

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Unworthy Thor

Moon Knight

All-new Wolverine


Captain America: Steve Rogers

Black Panther

Power Man & Iron Fist

Infamous & International Iron Man

Jessica Jones


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Along with about listed I've thoroughly been enjoying Scarlet Witch, Deadpool, Black Widow, Mosaic (surprisingly), Great Lakes Avengers, Uncanny Inhumans and Squadron Supreme.

There is also a few that are only a few issues in that I'm liking so far but too early to tell if they'll remain good which are Occupy Avengers, Hawkeye (as long as they continue to focus on Kate rather than bash Clint who isn't even in the series), Foolkiller, and Solo.

Other than that a lot just fall into the meh-alright range.

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