Avengers VS X-men and Marvel NOW as jumping on points

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Ok so Hi I'm a new guy and I have a question. So I've always been into comics but before the new 52 I'd only but the odd issue or a well known trades. With the New 52 I got into comics in a big way I'm currently following a bunch of DC titles physically and on comixology. I've always been interested in Marvel as well and it was a friends spider-man issues which got me into comics and now with Marvel NOW I want to get into Marvel as the way they're taking some characters like Cyclops seems really interesting.

My question is if I read the collected Avengers vs X-Men and then jumped into Marvel NOW would I be up to date on what seems like a further escalating conflict and ready to go and what are the best Marvel NOW books ?

I've currently got All New X-men on comixology and Avengers 1 and 2 and Deadpool 1 and 2 physically. I'm also working my way through Slott's ASM run then starting SSM. I like the idea behind New avengers and thunderbolts and anything else you guys recommend.

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